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How A Newborn Photoshoot Takes Place — Studio Included!

In this article, I will be sharing how a newborn photoshoot takes place and a list of newborn photoshoot studios for you to try on.

A newborn photoshoot is the best way to keep memories alive.

How a newborn photographer gets a newborn ready for a photoshoot?

1. Prepare backgrounds, tiny furniture, decorations, sets of outfits and tools in advance.

2. Dress the newborn in a set of pajamas.

3. Rock the newborn to sleep.

4. Put the newborn on the newborn’s bed to sleep. Take a photo.

5. Change a new set of cute or funny outfits.

6. Put the newborn sit in a bucket. Take a photo.

If the newborn cries, put a pacifier into his mouth.

When the newborn sleep, remove the pacifier. Take a photo.

Repeat the above steps for each new photoshoot setting.

The newborn photographer needs to know ways to calm every newborn as each newborn is different.

The newborn can hear voices and other sounds from about 23 weeks of pregnancy, so the newborn is learning about language while he is still in the belly.

If the newborn photographer thinks of taking a photoshoot of the parent carrying a naked newborn without a diaper, he needs to make sure there are cloth and water on standby.

Clean the parent’s hands and floor when the newborn pee or poo.

Newborn Photoshoot Studios

1. Bambini Photography

Image Credits: Bambini Photography

Bambini Photography has come a long way since its beginnings in 2009, expanding its menu of services from children and family portraits to include maternity and newborn photoshoots.

You can expect 3 different studio spaces for different newborn photoshoots.

Rates: Upon enquiry

Contact Number: 87171558

2. Fion Boon Photography

Image Credits: Fion Boon Photography

Being experts in photography for babies, newborns and families, Fion Boon Photography puts an elegant twist to newborn photoshoots while still capturing much of the calm.

For a three-hour session, the parent can rest assured that this studio takes the best care of both mum’s and newborn with feeding, soothing baby and diaper changing services.

Come hassle-free as all props and outfits will also be included!

Rates: Upon Enquiry

Contact number: 91218879

3. White Room Studio

Image Credits: White Room Studio

5th year awarded the best portrait photographer by Singapore Tatler in 2021.

Their portfolio extends from children and pets to glamour and bridal, boasting of their diverse expertise.

Their newborn photoshoots feature the quiet, intimate bond that the newborn has with both his siblings and parents.

Their natural light studio ensures that the photos come out looking classic, focused, and no-frills.

When the parent views these photos in a decade’s time, your heart sure will melt.

Rates: Upon Enquiry

Contact Number: 62357037 or 87696003

4. Tomato Photo

Image Credits: Tomato Photo

Tomato Photo will handle the newborn so he doesn’t cry out uncontrollably for more than 2 minutes during the course of the photoshoot, or the session is on Tomato Photo.

Rates: Upon Enquiry

Contact Number: 88580088

5. Xiao Yun Photography

Image Credits: Xiao Yun Photography

Xiaoyun Photography creates stunning newborn, maternity and family photography portraits that will be cherished for years to come.

Rates: Upon Enquiry

Contact Number: 86473470

I hope you will be able to choose a newborn photoshoot studio from the above list to try on.

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