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6 Best Must-Have Child Products to Stock Up Right Now

In this article, I am sharing a list of child products that the parents might want to have for the child or buy as a gift for another child.

1. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Source: Amazon

The Fast table chair allows the child to eat sitting next to mama and dada.

It lets the child sit close to the table which prevents mess such as food spills and is upright at an appropriate height.

It is perfect for use at home or while travelling or at a restaurant.

Its simple twist-tight coupling makes it compatible with most tables up to 3.5 thick.

It has a practical carry bag which can be taken anywhere.

Its durable and washable design ensures the product serves the child between 6 to 36 months and up to 37 pounds.

It has a handy storage pocket to put in the child’s wipes, toys, snacks and more where needs arise.

If the parent is preparing a meal and wants the child to be involved, this is a good option. It has a variety of colours for the parent to choose from.

Price: $108.49

Where to buy it?

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2. Grapes Cutter

Source: Shopee

Grapes Cutter is an affordable, simple and easy to use the tool.

Put in the grape. Press the twist gently and the grape is divided into 4 equal parts.

If the child loves grapes, this helps you to cut grapes into bite-size faster than a knife and the child can use his fingers to eat.

It is perfect for use at home or while travelling and it is also easy to keep clean.

Price: $2.41

Where to buy it? Shopee

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3. Boon Snug Straw With Cup Pink/Purple/Blue

Source: Amazon

It turns any cup into a sippy cup where the child can drink with a straw.

It is spill-proof and fits most cups.

It is great for travelling or out to a restaurant or house where there are no sippy cups of water for the child.

It is made for the child who is old enough to drink through a straw but not old enough to stop spilling drink all over.

It also comes in a variety of colours which may attract the child to use it.

Price: $21.85

Where to buy it? Amazon

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4. GoBe Snack Spinner

Source: Shopee

It is the only spill-proof snack container that allows the child to choose between five different snacks at once.

It has an interactive button to keep the child engaged as he chooses which snack he wants to eat.

It can be used as a tool to help introduce new foods such as fruits, vegetables, dried snacks like biscuits to the child without pressure and in a fun way.

The child will also develop fine and gross motor skills as he presses the button and opens the door to choose snacks.

It is easy to carry on the go to different places where the parent is bringing the child to.

Price: $38.90

Where to buy it? Shopee

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5. Travel Duo 2-in-1 Portable Booster Seat and Diaper Bag

Source: Amazon

The booster seat is useful when the parent brings the child out to a restaurant for a meal and the restaurant has no high chairs available.

It has 3 point safety harness and slip-resistant grips to keep the child steady when in use and 2 protective rubber feet to ensure upright position when used as a bag. It is used by the child aged 9 months and up.

The parent can put the child’s diapers, toys, snacks into the compartment of the diaper bag while travelling.

It has an adjustable, padded shoulder strap that can be worn over the shoulder or as a messenger bag.

It is easy to clean with wipes or a washing machine.

Price: $67.28

Where to buy it? Amazon

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6. Bobike One Mini Front Child Bike Seat

Source: Bikeinn

The Bobike ONE Mini is a bicycle safety seat that can be mounted on the front of a bike and is suitable for the child from 9 months till 3 years old or bodyweight of 15 kg.

It has a variety of 9 colours for the parent to choose from.

Its shoulder straps are soft and comfortable and the footrests are easy to adjust to fit the child’s feet.

It is a good option for the parent who loves to bike and bring the child along.

Price: $67.28

Where to buy it? Bikeinn

I hope this list of child products will help you to cope well with your child or to buy as a gift for another child.

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