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Kids-friendly Restaurants in Singapore

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Looking for kid-friendly restaurants that can keep your child occupied while you enjoy a nice and relaxing meal? Well, I got you covered! Here are some dining places that will entertain your child, even providing a mini bonding session with your child over a quality meal. Talk about good food, and even better company!

Cafe Melba

At Cafe Melba at Goodman Arts Centre, they serve Australia-style food with a little family-friendly twist. There are fun-filled activities available to keep your child occupied throughout the duration of your meal. With arts-and-craft corners, tic-tac-toe games, along with a wide area to play, your kids will surely be entertained for a long time! Not forgetting the outdoor bouncy castle put up by the cafe on weekends and public holidays, your kids will definitely play hard, to the point of tiring out and fall asleep for the rest of your journey home! Here’s a little bonus for Mondays: your kids can eat free all day upon the purchase of a main meal.

Slappy Cakes

Available at multiple locations islandwide, Slappy cakes is another family and kid-friendly spot for you and your child to dine at! For those who would like your child to get a little ‘hands-on’ activity, this is the place to go. With a selection of batter flavours available, such as the chocolate batter, your child will be able to cook and design the pancakes themselves. With safety settings in place where the griddles do not need oil and are non-stick, you can definitely feel rest assured. Furthermore, you can take it as a parent-child cooking session, providing a great opportunity to bond with your child. Take your child’s imagination and creativity to the next level!

Food for Tots

Situated in Singapore’s Botanical Garden, Food for Tots is the perfect place to go after your child’s little ‘nature walk’. Known for their affordable yet great menu selection catered for kids, you can opt for something a little more adventurous for your child to eat. In addition, it is also a good opportunity for your child to be exposed to and appreciate the scenic greenery. It provides an educational opportunity as well to learn about the natural environment that often, may not be in close reach in their everyday lives. Located next to a sand play area and providing programmes such as Nature Bingo Trail, your child will definitely spend a meaningful day at the Botanic Garden!

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Peperoni Pizza

Looking for a place to celebrate your child’s birthday? Well, look no further. Peperoni Pizzeria holds pizza-making parties for kids. As it engages your child’s sensory and taste buds, for sure your child will have a memorable birthday experience! Peperoni Pizzeria boasts its traditionally made pastas and wood-fired pizzas, and what keeps families coming back for more are their kid-friendly atmospheres.

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Located in the heart of Bishan Park, Grub is a kid-friendly cafe located in the central region of Singapore. After spending time in the lush greenery, a cycling activity or outdoor play, you can head over to this kids-friendly cafe. Cooking Singaporean food with a little twist of Japanese, Grub provides fusion food that you can share with your child. It is also known for frequently hosting programmes for diners with kids such as floral arrangement, art-and-crafts and storytelling activities - for free! Do check out their website to find out more on the scheduled activities lined up on weekdays and weekends!

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