Cost of Infant Care In Singapore

Updated: Mar 25

Have you ever thought of what the typical costs are like when enrolling your child in infant care?

The uncertainty of not knowing how much to prepare for your child’s preschool journey is probably not the best feeling. Are you losing sleep over and fretting about the costs of infant care? Don't worry, we are here to enlighten you about the typical costs involved so that you can sleep like a baby!

School fees

School fees tend to vary depending on the residency status, location of the school, teaching programme, and whether the school is privately owned or government operated.

The fees for privately-owned infant care centres generally range from $1290 to $2000+ per month, though there are some that can charge as high as $4000+.

There are also Anchor Operator (AOP) and Partner Operator (POP) schemes introduced by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

What are the differences across different centres? Some common differences include the teacher to student ratio, teaching methodology, school facilities, convenience of location and more.

If your child is a Singapore citizen and you are planning to enrol him/her in an ECDA-licensed centre, there are subsidies you may apply for to reduce the school fees too.

At our preschools in Tampines and Taman Jurong, a $600 basic subsidy is granted to working mothers, while non-working mothers are granted $150 for our full-day programme.

As for the half-day programme, working mothers are entitled to $300 while non-working mothers are able to receive $150.

Click here to get a more in depth version of the available subsidies at our infant care centre in Tampines.

What are some other fees that you can expect to pay while enrolling your child in infant care?


Infant care centres in Singapore will generally require parents to pay a deposit equivalent to one month’s school fee. This amount is payable upon enrolment and is refundable.

Registration fees

Registration fees are payable upon registration and non-refundable. It varies from school to school, from as low as $80 to more than $500 for premium schools.

Miscellaneous items

There are certain miscellaneous items that can be purchased for your infant. This includes mattress and mattress cover for their naps, uniform, t-shirts and shorts. However, do note that all items are optional.

Emergency care

Emergency care is for parents who need someone to look after their infant when something crops up, be it work or a family emergency. In such instances, some infant care centres do provide services to take care of infants, even if it is temporary, for only one day.

This is extremely useful and comforting as you know that you have a back-up plan if an unexpected emergency were to arise.

We hope that you have a better idea on other costs and fees required when enrolling into an infant care centre.

Early financial planning helps to alleviate the stress of financial burdens on young families while they are raising their children.

A dependable preschool in Tampines

If you are looking for a reliable infant care or childcare in Tampines, why not register with us for a complimentary guided tour? Get to discover the attentiveness that your child will experience with our loving teachers and educarers. We have more than 30 years of experience in caring for your beloved children. Click here to learn more about our childcare centre. Feel free to WhatApp us for more enquiries.

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