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Travelling with Toddlers?! You Need to Know These Tips

From our Tampines Infant & Childcare centre, I will be sharing tips with the parents on traveling with toddlers.

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1. Plan flight around the toddler’s nap or sleep time.

If taking a long flight, book an overnight flight so that the toddler can sleep at his normal sleep time.

If the parent buys a seat for the toddler and wants him to sleep on the plane, the parent might consider bringing his car seat on the plane because he is used to sleeping in it.

If the car seat is FAA approved, the parent can bring the toddler’s car seat on the plane, and he sits in it.

2. Buy the toddler a seat.

If the parent lets the toddler sit on lap during the whole trip, the parent’s arms and legs might get tired.

It is nice to have the toddler seat between the parents which he could stand on and have a little bit of his own space.

3. Bring lots of diapers.

The parents don’t know what might happen.

For example, a flight gets delayed.

4. Bring lots of snacks.

Snacks are important. This prevents the toddler from becoming hungry and cranky.

5. Runoff the toddler’s energy before the flight.

For example, bring the toddler to walk around the airport before departure.

6. Avoid the toddler’s ear pressure.

If the toddler uses a pacifier, let the toddler suck on the pacifier.

If the toddler drinks from a milk bottle or sippy cup, let the toddler drink it during landing.

If the toddler is still breastfeeding, nurse the toddler while taking off and landing.

7. Bring the toddler's favourite toy.

8. Bring a coloring book and crayons.

Bring things without sound.

This prevents making noise in a plane.

9. Download games and movies to a tablet or mobile phone.

10. Plan less stuff for each day.

11. Plan around the toddler’s naps and meals time.

With a well-rested and well-fed toddler, can do things as planned.

But with a grumpy, unhappy and crying toddler, cannot do anything.

12. Stay at a hotel with a crib for the toddler.

13. Plan the toddler’s fun time each day.

For example, beach playtime, indoor playground, park and time for the toddler to move around.

The toddler needs to get the energy out so that he got time to relax and do the things that the parents want to do.

14. Plan any extra time at any tourist attraction the parents go to.

The toddler may like it and wants to stay longer.

15. Be flexible.

If the toddler gets cranky or throws up, the parent needs to be flexible and modify the plans for the day.

16. Use a baby backpack carrier.

17. Use a back seat car organizer.

Put in a toy, wet tissue, snack, rattle, book and tablet to play cartoons.

18. Put a pacifier into a mask.

19. Pack stuff into expandable packing cubes with mesh windows.

This helps to find things easier and when unpacking.

20. Pack change pad, wipes, diapers, blanket, socks, bibs, extra outfit, milk bottle or sippy cup, diaper cream into a diaper bag.

* Make sure all snacks, diapers, toys, books, wet tissues are enough for the return trip too.

I hope all these tips will help the parents as they travel with toddlers.

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