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Get Your Child Interested In “Boring” School Subjects

Math, science, history, literature... the list goes on. Not too many of us would've been excited about those topics in our youth, even if we grew up to find them interesting.

The issue doesn't actually lie with the subjects themselves, as a matter of fact, a child's curious mind would possibly be excited at the acquisition of such novel knowledge. What has gone wrong is the way that children have been brought up to face those subjects as obligatory obstacles against their innate and active sense of wonder.

Believe it or not, books are actually not all there is to learning. One could argue that books are just the easiest way to introduce learning, not the most efficient. A child’s mind appreciates stimulation through their external environments, and it is hard to achieve this when what many parents tend to do is to leave them alone to just sit and read books purely for the sake of learning.

So here are some trusty steps to get your child started in developing an interest in the boring subjects.

Introduce an experience

It is not just about learning to read and write that will gift your child with the interest to learn, it is about wanting to know more about the world. So we have to be smart and surgical about the way we introduce topics to them. Even art and music can be boring to some people, have you wondered why?

Likewise, something like Mathematics that which mere mention brings traumatic dread to even most adult minds, can turn out to be something a child would find fun and interesting if introduced with the right experience.

If the first experience of a topic is positively personable and meaningful enough, it kickstarts a relationship with your young child for a long time to come.

Bring in fun and humor

People of all ages remember funny things more than mundane details. Cleverly disguising academic topics with fun and games is one of the most popular methods, however it may be difficult for some subjects. Yet we can always put in the effort to be creative in coming up with ways to interconnect education and entertainment.

For just one example, telling bedtime stories. While we all tell our children the stories about the boy who cried wolf and the little red riding hood to teach them about ethics, we could also tell a light hearted kids version of the stories that they would learn in their history classes later on in life. Such a strategy could plant a deep seated familiarity and interest.

Knowledge over information

There is a difference between information and knowledge. Information is dull and plentiful, while knowledge is deep and useful.

What is the area of a right angled triangle? Is a question that children would need to memorize and recite for the test question. But have you ever asked your child, why? The area of a square is base times height. The area of a right angled triangle is half times base times height, because two right angled triangles make up a square!

Just like that, a meaningless formula has become understood, and we are left feeling more accomplished and smart. The same occurs in your child when he or she learns. A child has many questions about the world, and providing actual meaningful answers would encourage them to set out themselves to discover more.

Invite some friendly competition

Speaking of accomplishments, there is always growth when your child is taking on challenges. Here is where siblings and their peers can come together for parents could take advantage of in one fell swoop!

Children appreciate approval, so rewarding and praising comes into play here, so long as it is done in a way that won’t embarrass or discourage those who are not the winners. Extroverted competition would always bring high energy and motivation into learning.

Learn with your child

Last but not least, the most important thing is for you to learn with your child. Maybe some parents may not be good at some subjects themselves, but that only means there is more room for you to be involved.

Mutual discovery is essential for your child to feel like you’re also involving yourself with these subjects because they ARE interesting. It is always best for the child that the parents themselves continue THEIR own sense of wonder and discovery.

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