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Importance of Role-modelling as a Parent

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‘Like parents, like children.’ It is an old adage which actually really comes to play in this relationship of parent and child.

There are often multiple role models in your child’s life and role models are very important to a child’s growth, especially in their early stages.

What are role models?

You. As a parent, you are a role model for your child. By definition, a role model is someone who acts as an example to influence others. In this context, you, a parent, is significant in influencing how your child behaves. Children will observe your mannerism, the actions you take, the way you respond, even the way you speak. Similar to a blank canvas at first, your child will tend to imitate people around their surroundings. The most significant role models in a child’s life are in their early stages of life.

Here is a personal statement of a mother from her parenting experience.

Why are role models important?

It has been proven that children mostly learn through observing and imitating in their childhood.

As you are a regular presence in your child’s life, it is very important to practice what you ‘preach’ and act the way you want your child to behave in the future. Role models greatly impact children’s lives in the early stages of their life, however, it also imprints lifelong impressions or shadows on children.

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Our teachers at our Tampines childcare and infant care Tampines are committed to being life-changing role models for our students. They exude passion and enthusiasm for their work and teaching, which inspires students to learn!

Tips to become a good role model

Model what you want to convey through your actions

Reflect on your attitude and behaviour. Think about how you express emotions such as sadness and anger, and how you treat others. Focus on conveying good and positive thoughts through the way you speak and behave. It is common ground that none of us are perfect and we all have our own struggles, therefore all the more it is important to deeply reflect on yourself and do your best to constantly improve and become the best version of yourself for both you and your child. It is important to build a strong foundation for your child in their early growing years.

Here are some issues in your child’s behaviour that you should never turn a blind eye to.

Be understanding and accepting of mistakes

What to do when your child makes a mistake? It is important how you react to your child’s mistakes and how you speak to them after the mistake they committed.

Go through the mistake they made and listen to them to understand why such a mistake was committed. Allow them to realise that mistakes are opportunities for learning and tell them why it is wrong. Provide a chance for your child to reflect on and teach them to own up and solve their mistakes, with a forgiving attitude towards them. Give them a safe space for them to learn from their mistakes.

Building a strong connection with your child

Provide them with a safe space with love and sufficient discipline for them to grow, listen to what they have to say and understand your child’s behaviour. Learning your child’s interests and dislikes and engaging in family bonding activities.

It is crucial to build a strong and trusting relationship with them so that they know that they can come to you when they need help and entrust you with their struggles.

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To conclude, it is very important to remember that as a figure who your child looks up to and interacts the most with, you have to be intentional about the way you behave, even if the child is not looking. Work through your emotional and physical well-being to become a good role model for your child to emulate. Not to forget, working on yourself allows you to become the best version of yourself for you and your child.

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