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10 Simple Phrases To Calm Your Angry Child

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Regardless of your child’s age, as parents we need to ensure we lay the foundation so that our kids know how to better manage their emotions. A very important skill for kids to bolster as they grow so when they enter adulthood, they will be able to cope with uncertainties and even tolerate people better. The next time you attempt to stop your feisty child, use these alternatives and tell me how it goes!

“When Will You Be Ready To Leave”

Use this when you are at the playground and your child just refuses to leave the place. Don’t drag your child out of the play area or go, “I am leaving, If you don’t follow, I am going to leave you here. Allow them to set when they will be ready to leave the space and make use of the fact that children may not exactly have the best sense of time. If your child says 30 minutes, you can just tell them their time has run out and they have to leave as they promised.

“I Hear You, Can We Talk About This Later When I Am Free”

Try this out when you are occupied but your child has come to you with a task that only you can get done (even though there are other people in the house). Try giving your child a task to keep them occupied after letting them know that you will get back to them when you are free and you hear them. Make sure you get to them the moment you are free!

“I Am Getting Frustrated, Let Me Calm Down First”

Once they get older, they will be able to sense others' emotions better, so when you feel yourself getting frustrated and you know that you are about to lash out, please calm down first. Use this phrase and be a role model for your child to see that calming down before speaking is important.

“I Get Angry Too, Let’s Try To Manage It”

This goes hand in hand with the above phrase. Use it and empathise with your child. Let your child know his/her feelings are valid.

“Let’s Take A Break And Get Back To It Later”

Acknowledge that your child is frustrated and get them to take a short break. Having some time away would give your child clarity and allow him or her to perform better. Throw in some motivational quotes here and there as well.

“How Can I Help You Feel Better”

When you see that your child is not coping with his/ her emotions well, jump in and ask how you can help your child feel better. Let them know that you are willing to do anything within your capacity to make them feel better. This will also teach them that things which are not within their control or anyone’s control will be present and they will have to learn to cope with these better.

“Let’s Figure This Out Together”

When your child is frustrated, hop in and let them know you are there for them. Guide them through their thoughts and provide clarity.

“Can You Come Up With A Solution”

If they are frustrated, ask them if they are able to come up a s solution to their problem and help them identify what the root cause of their anger is.

“Let’s Go Somewhere Private”

When you are at your tipping point and you just know that you are about to lose it all in front of everyone, please bring your child somewhere else. The last thing you want is to embarrass your child in front of many people and leave a terrible memory for your child. Use this when you feel like your child is saying things he/she shouldn't be saying in public and use words to explain to your child in private.

“How Can We Make This Food More Tasty For You”

Use this when your child is being picky with their food. Avoid saying things like “you better finish it or you won’t be having any food tonight” or using fear to make them consume their food. Here are some healthy and tasty recipes for your children. If you are stressing over the sense of helplessness or frustration when your child does not eat properly during mealtime, read this article.

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