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Being Involved in Your Child’s Development

Why is it important for you to be involved in your child development?

The valuable relationship between a parent and child plays a vital role in the child’s emotional, physical and social development. It builds the foundation of a child’s character which influences the child’s choices and way of life in the years to come.

Analyses have revealed that children with highly involved parents functioned better in social situations and have lesser behavioural issues. Furthermore, from a biological perspective, it has shown that as children are dependent on their parents, they instinctively try to be in the good books of their parents. Therefore a parental figure is vital as it influences the child’s behaviour which ultimately trickles down and impacts their future.

Importance of a parental figure

Foundational roles of being a parent are taking care and managing your child’s physical and emotional well-being, nurturing growth. Your child’s primary social group is their family, with the parents/ guardians being the first source of support.

You, as a parent, are one of the first role models to your child. It is important to be a good role model and teach your child how to act and behave through your actions. The strong presence of a parental figure will enable the child to have someone to look up to, and depend on, allowing them to feel secure in their stages of growing up. Parents also teach life skills and lessons to the child which will impact the child’s future in one way or another.

How to be more involved in your child’s growth

Verbal and physical expressions of love

Saying “I love you” and expressing your love in the little things such as cooking their favourite food, holding your child’s hand and paying attention to your child.

Dedicating quality time with your chil

Create common activities to do with your child both indoors and outdoors such as taking walks at the park, reading stories to them at home, or even getting your child involved in doing chores together.

Communication with your child

Communication is key. Set aside time to talk and listen to your child. Topics such as what they did or learnt in school today, their feelings and emotions. Create an open and accepting environment and provide a safe space for your child.

Have boundaries, rules and consequences

Discipline your child when there is a need to. However it all boils down to communication as you have to hear your child out, help him to rationalise his actions, understand what went wrong and decide on a solution to the problem.

Parent-Teacher Communication

A parent who knows what their child is working on at preschool will have a better sense of their child’s abilities and shortcomings. By establishing a cooperative parent-teacher relationship with your child’s educators in preschool, you will be in a better position to help your child expand their learning capabilities. For instance, spending more time reading with your children outside of the school environment can improve academic performance as your child gets greater exposure to the activity. It can also aid in improving your child’s behaviour in and out of the classroom as the teachers will understand your child better personally.

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