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How to Raise Kids Who Are Not Spoilt

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Just like adults, our children have good days and bad days.

When their immediate desires are not met, all infants and toddlers will throw tantrums, argue and interrupt their parents. If your child throws a tantrum once in a while, it may be much easier for you to excuse their behaviours.

However, if you notice that your toddler or infant is consistently acting out when they are unable to get what they want or if you notice that you are constantly having to give in and bend the house rules, perhaps it is time for you to reflect and reassess on the ways at which you handle your children.

Today, we will explore some parenting methods you may pick up so as to be able to raise kids who are not spoilt! If you find that your kids are already spoilt, perhaps this guide may help you to “unspoil” your children!

Set Rules

It is important for parents to set consistent rules and limits. Setting clear boundaries and limits will help toddlers feel secure. With this sense of security, they are less likely to act out with bad behaviours.

Setting rules up front will also help to show your child who is ultimately in charge. However, be sure not to set too many rules because it may be overwhelming for your child. Besides, your child may not be able to remember that many rules!

Teach Gratitude

Being grateful and regularly showing gratitude can change you and your child’s mindset. When your child learns gratitude, he or she is able to consider the positive things in their life and critically think and reflect on the kind actions of others.

To start off, make it a point that when someone does something nice for another person, the receiver should write thank you notes and be sincerely grateful. Just a simple thank you note will do! At the end of each day, you may also choose to ask each family member “What was the best thing that happened to you today?”

Such thank you activities help kids acknowledge the goodness of people around them. More than that, practicing gratitude on a daily basis can help to keep your whole family positive as well! Not just your child!


Many times, infants and toddlers throw tantrums when they are not given something they want. This could be the newest toy at the toy store, or snacks that are not allowed to be eaten before meal times.

When kids are given things freely, they will lack an understanding of the sense of value that an object has. Just think about how it often is more rewarding when we work hard in order to achieve something! The next time your infant asks for something, do not just cave in and hand it over immediately. Instead, ask your child what he or she thinks could be done to earn or achieve the item. Together with your child, set a goal and help them work towards it. For example, get your child to eat more vegetables and healthy snacks in order for them to earn the latest toy on the market.

When your child’s goals are met, reward them with they toy. This way, your child will also appreciate the toy more, because it is hard earned!

Be a Role Model

Let’s be honest, even though we expect our children to be on their best behaviours all the time, we as parents are guilty of negative behaviours. If we display a positive attitude, we set the tone for the way our children act. So, if you want to raise kids who are not spoilt, it is perhaps time for you to reflect on your behaviours as well!

The Bottom-line

Having to handle occasional tantrums is inevitable when it comes to raising children. However, if we cave in too often or let them do what they want, we may encourage them to throw tantrums each time something does not go their way.

In order not to raise spoil kids, we may have to reassess our parenting methods. Follow the tips and tricks from this guide to “unspoil” your toddler, as well as to raise children who are not spoilt!

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