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Importance Of A Strong Teacher-Child Relationship

A child tends to grow and learn better when they have a strong sense of trust, security and self-confidence.

There is a need to place emphasis on developing strong teacher-child relationships as it promotes a healthy brain development in little ones.

When children are comfortable enough with their caregivers, they tend to be more open about how they think and feel, which drives them to be more involved with lessons and daily activities.

This speeds up their learning process as they grow to become inquisitive individuals who are unafraid to clarify their doubts.

You might ask exactly how do you instill such qualities in your child? One way is actually to ensure that a strong, positive relationship is established between your child and his/her caregivers.

So what constitutes a strong, positive relationship?

Infants and toddlers flourish in an environment that is safe, comforting and caring. When they are in what they regard as a “safe space”, they will gradually grow to become more physically and emotionally attached to the people around them.

How do we build a strong relationship with our children?

For example, we will display our children’s artwork displayed around the centre. Such displays are actually encouraging as the children would feel appreciated, making them feel like they belong . As they develop a feeling of familiarity and comfort in the centre, it allows them to learn and grow better too.

Our teachers and educarers can spend more time attending to each and every child, ensuring that he/she is taken care of properly.

We work closely with one another to bring out the best in our children. In addition, we send our teachers and educarers for regular trainings so that they are able to continuously sharpen their skills and impart their best to our precious little ones.

We carefully observe the children, spend quality time with them reading, singing, talking and playing with them.

Do check out our positive reviews that parents have given for our teachers.

Positive reviews on our teachers

"I am very thankful for all the effort you have put in to take care of Damon. Ever since he started schooling, he has shown a lot of improvement. I knew this is because of your hard work.I am grateful that Damon is able to say a lot of things now, he could also do things independently at home, there’s a lot of stuff I do not need to help him.That’s so great. Thank you very much teachers,all of you have done a great job!"

- Damon's parents

"Firstly, I would like to thank the teachers and appreciate their efforts in taking care of my child with love and care. At first, I was worried about my daughter, wondering if she might have communication issues.The way she reacted was very slow. Within a few weeks, I realised that she showed a lot of improvement in her communication. She also started socialising with the people she saw, bonded with the children in her child care and talked to her teacher individually at times. She could also do things independently. Once again, I really appreciate all of these efforts and hard work that the teachers had shown. Nevertheless,I would like to see more of her improvements in future!"

- Noelle's parents

"Thank all the teachers teaching Esther how to read books, write and do homework in school.

Thank all teachers for showing love and care to Esther.

Thank you for giving selflessly. You play a huge part in the future of the next generation"

- Esther's parents

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