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Fun Ways For Supporting Learning At Home

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With the pandemic going on many have been staying home to stay safe. You may have pulled out from extracurricular activities like enrichment classes for your child. Your child’s institution may have shifted to home-based learning. Or you wish to enrich your child’s learning at home. Whatever your reason may be, you may have wanted to explore ways to support your child’s learning at home. Here are some entertaining and enriching ways for you to try out!

Create A Clock

Children may not be able to differentiate that it is time to study from playtime. Visualise it for them. Create a clock with them where they can decorate the different phases of their day. For example, wake up time, lunchtime, study time, playtime and so on. Those are just some examples to include. Feel free to add on according to your child’s interests or other schedules you may have as a family. You can also use this to teach your child the concept of time and even teach them time management skills from a young age.

In our Tampines childcare, we have allocated schedules to let our children play, explore and discover. When given the same daily routine - take a shower, nap, etc - in class, they will intuitively grasp the concept of time.

Use Interactive Tools

Mind maps, shuffle cards, blocks, puzzles are all examples of interactive tools to use in learning. Turn playtime into learning time with the use of toys to teach. If you have some old toys, revamp them, you can find these toys for sale or make them yourself. How about using blocks to teach your child ABCs or using puzzle pieces to teach them numbers. Use colourful washable markers and let them create mind maps on animal types. Maybe even the food chain or animal life cycle. Click here for the must-have developmental toys that we use at our infant care Tampines.

Create A Comfortable Environment

Make sure your child’s study area is spacious and not cramped. Ensure their writing supplies and materials are always nearby. This will ensure they do not walk around to look for things instead of focusing on their work. It is easy for children to get distracted to clear things that may distract them. These things may include their toys, colourful appliances, things that may produce noises. Especially devices like tablets or televisions should be out of sight and should be off. Click here to check out some ways to entertain a toddler as a work from home mom.

Our preschool Tampines has designated areas for sleep and play in a double-storey building. Our Tampines childcare is designed to meet the learning and developmental needs of our little owners.

Reward Your Child

If you remember the ‘gummy bear’ technique that went viral a few years ago. It is essentially a method where students get to eat a gummy bear for each paragraph they read. Similarly, you can use a reward system to motivate your child. However, you would not want to misuse this though. Try to do this subtly. Motivation is best when it is intrinsic. It pushes a child to do something for himself or herself rather than herself. Maybe you can try rewarding them with more playtime or bringing them to the park. Feel free to explore options and what works for your child.

Study Circle

Do not panic. I am not asking your child to have a full-on study session with textbooks with a group of peers. They will not be able to withstand it, considering their attention span. Have your regular playdate with a friend. Cooperate with the other child's parents to see if they are willing to incorporate education as a part of the play. Have sensory play as part of playtime if they are toddlers. Have sports or play instruments together. Education is not all about academics. By mingling with other children, they will get to learn social skills. It might also improve their mental and emotional well-being. Even allow you to create a social circle with parents who can relate to you.

The word studying can seem daunting. However, it does not have to be that way. Instil the passion for learning in your child from a young age. See your child grow into someone great.

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