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How To Make Kids Love Reading

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If you think that your child is too young to reap the rewards of reading, think again! Familiarising your child with books at home can allow your child to develop strong reading skills which makes them better prepared for academic achievement in the future.

Here are several tricks that should get your child reading in no time - and even build their love of reading!

Build A Reading Corner At Home

Creating a cozy little reading corner at home can totally generate a sense of joy around reading for your child!

Consider getting a floor cushion, some soft pillows, or even a comfortable bean bag for your little one! Your child will definitely love snuggling up to the reading corner for them to cuddle up with a good book.

Click here to find out how to create the perfect reading nook for your child with 6 simple steps!

Be A Good Role Model

As mentioned in our previous blogs, children loves to imitate adults. They copy our gestures, expressions and even our behaviours.

If you want your child to be a good reader, be one yourself! Form habits of reading daily newspapers, magazines or reading e-books. Tell your child about the article you've just read. Let them see that reading brings you joy, and that it will bring them joy too.

By doing so, children will follow suit and make it a habit to read as well.

Weekend Trip To Our Local Library

With its self-explanatory heading, bring your child to our local library.

Expose your child to a wealth of books readily available in our local library. There are a wide variety of children's books and magazines to choose from.

Kids are more likely to want to read something they pick out themselves. You can also encourage your child to choose their own books from reference librarians.

Bedtime Story

Bedtime stories are the key to maximise joy at night. It not only foster bonds between parents and children, it also enhances their language development.

Make it a routine to read a storybook before bed daily. You can also play with different expressions and voices to keep your child entertained.

Role Play

Well, get your child to read through role-play and drama! It is a fun way for your child to expand their vocabulary and further enrich their language development.

Encourage them to play a character from the fictional tale using expressive language while reading easy picture books to their younger siblings.

Remember to always make reading fun for your children, not a chore!

Genesis Childcare - A High-Quality Preschool Programme

In Genesis Childcare 1989 in Tampines, we believe the environment is the children’s third teacher hence it should meet the learning and development needs of our little learners.

In our playgroup Tampines, our learning environment stimulates their senses and encourages them to explore, discover and be creative. We even have a reading corner in our preschool Tampines!

By providing a conducive learning environment for our children in our kindergarten Tampines, we hope to better support their curiosity and experience the wonder of learning.

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