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Ways To Entertain A Toddler As A Work From Home Mom

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The pressure to juggle the role of being an office lady and the role of being a mother can be a lot to handle. Especially so if you are a mother of a toddler or two, things can get a little too hectic for us ladies. Toddlers can have little to no patience and constantly want to explore new things, routine playtime with the same old toys or watching the same cartoons can get tiresome for them just like how we feel with work. Also, here’s a guide for working mothers.

Here Are 5 Unique Ways To Entertain A Toddler:

Create Craft Booths

Remember when we were younger in our local malls, we had those art booths where we can create artworks with coloured sand and so on. How about re-creating the experience for your toddlers? Purchase mini canvases where toddlers can use washable markers on and allow their creativity to flow. No fuss, easy clean-ups.

Sensory Play Time

I know what you're thinking of, the mess! You do not have to worry about it at all, these sensory kits will make sure your toddlers have the time of their lives while giving you a peace of mind. Just grab a zip lock bag and put in any textured item you’d like your toddler to experience. If you have a tofu which is close to the expiry date, grab it and throw it into the ziplock bag. Once done with play-time simply dispose the contents and re-use the bags for your next play-time. Click here to find out how to foster creativity in kids!

D-I-Y Puppet Show

Keep your toddlers near you as you work and allow them to decorate their puppet show masks and tools with child proof drawing materials and give them themes for them to decorate their items. Explore the deep seas, high skies and the unknown. Let their imagination flow. Have a puppet show after dinner instead of your regular bed-time reading sessions to switch it up a little.

D-I-Y Colouring Books

Need a quick fix, print out some images you can find online. There are many free sources or cheap pages which you can purchase on some platforms. Simply print the drawings out in black and white, add on some stickers and colour pencils/ washable crayons and you are good to go. Include some educational components like global warming, animal abuse or whatever you are passionate about to subtly teach them from young.

Mini Cleaning Set

Why not get your little ones into the habit of cleaning from young by purchasing them a mini cleaning set of their own. Get them to personalise the sets and allow them to clean at their own pace. They can spend hours getting their cleaning tools into the nook and cranny of your house with their little hands. A win-win situation for both you and your toddler. The makers of the mess shall be the cleaners as well.

Well, that is all the unique ideas I could come up with. Please do share in the comments on your own ways to manage motherhood and working life. Always great to know more ways. I hope these ideas motivate you to switch things up a little to make life more interesting for both you and your toddlers. Balancing both work and mum life is definitely tough but an extra helping hand will definitely make it easier for you to get through it.

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