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Ways To Build Esteem In Your Child

Self-esteem is about liking yourself for who you are and believing in yourself.

Teaching your child the art of self-esteem will help your children when they face challenges or when they try new skills which will be good for their development.

It gives the child the confidence to try new things and pick themselves up after facing failure, do things which are not the norm for them - facing uncertainties and most importantly, make them a tough cookie who will not shy away from challenges.

Parents should approach building self-esteem with loving relationships with children, providing balanced and constructive feedback in an informative manner and provide encouragement. This article will look at some ways you can help your children build self-esteem.

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Guide Children In Situations

Sometimes, even as adults, mingling with others may seem tense. They might know how to react during certain situations. For example, when another child comes over to them and asks them if they could play together, if you see that your child may need a little push, step in. Step in and provide guidance. “She would like to play with you, say, yes I want to!” When they do so, remember to praise them.

Explain To Them That Losing Is A Part and Parcel Of Life

Encourage children to look at the progress rather than the ending. Practice reflection with children after each activity. Try making it fun and make it into a fun game. Each time they make a new discovery or things they think they did well they move a step forward. Likewise, identify what they did wrongly.

They will then take a step backward. This will teach them that they are moving forward, even if they did not reach the winning stage. Progress is still progress. It will help them a lot in the future when they start schooling. It is likely that they will begin to compare themselves with others.

Find Their Interests

Explore interests with them. Not meaning to say that you should be the “tiger mom” and sign them up for every enrichment you can find, but bring them to participate in recreational activities with you and their loved ones.

Reading, cycling, drawing, cooking, whatever it may be. Finding their own skills and interests will build one's self-esteem. This will then teach them that they are good at something while others may be good at something else.

Connect With Them

Having people who understand them and are supportive of them will help your child build a stronger sense of self esteem. They will feel a sense of belonging, somewhere where they feel a sense of who they are.

Ensure you spend quality time with children - Be it during dinner time or before bedtime, make sure you do it. Have them connect with family members like their grandparents and aunts and uncles, their well-wishers. They are likely to shower them with the love and care your child needs.

Allow Them To Make Their Own Choices

When kids make their own decisions, they are pushed to face the consequences of the decision they have made. Therefore, they will start considering the pros and cons of their decision. They will also feel more powerful when being able to make decisions, hence pushing them to build more self-esteem. Of course, the decisions they make should be appropriate for their level of understanding.

Connect With Schools And Teachers

Having a supportive school system that connects with both the child and their parent is essential for children's growth. It is a two-way process. If your child has already begun schooling, communicate with teachers to find out how they are doing in school. Oftentimes, children behave differently when they are at home and when they are at school. Possibly because home is home and school is a social setting.

Sometimes, unfamiliar social settings make children feel uncomfortable and end up not being confident in the setting. It is important to identify such instances and be involved in their studies so that they do not feel inferior to anyone.

Build self-esteem in your children

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