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Helping Your Child Manage Their Fears

Fears are common for anyone of any age. There are a variety of fears. Fear of spiders, the dark, and even irrational fears which others may not be able to understand. One of which being trypophobia i.e. fear of holes being gathered together.

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Some Commonly Seen Fears In Children

  1. Loneliness / Abandonment

  2. Animals

  3. Insects

  4. Doctors

  5. New people / Environments

  6. Loud unexpected noises

  7. Thunder / Lightning

  8. Hospitals / Injections

Fears may stem from various causes and it may have various triggers. The triggers vary from person to person and also differ based on the fear. Though as parents, reaching out to calm them down would be your instinctual behaviour, you need to stop doing that. Teaching children to cope with their own fears will help them grow into confident adults.

Regulating Emotions

Regulating emotions requires identification of how they are feeling at that moment. They need to identify what triggered their fear and what is the underlying issue. Teach them coping mechanisms like breathing techniques, reflecting, verbalising emotions etc from a young age to allow them to be more expressive. Understanding their emotions will allow them to have the upper hand at regulating their emotions themselves.

Fears Are Normal

Let your little ones know that fears are normal. Perhaps creating a short skit at home on a character which is resembling your child. Show it visually to your child that fears are nothing if they don’t fear it. For example, if they fear the dark, teach them that their eyes are actually adaptable to allow them to see in the dark. Give them reasons as to why it’s ok to fear and fear is a bodily response, just like happiness and sadness. Click here to find out how to be more involved in your child’s development.

Avoid Using Fears To Correct Behaviour

It may be an easier choice for you to use ‘Monsters’ or the local ‘Pontianak’ etc to scare your child to correct their behaviour. However, this brings about negative consequences in the long run. They may bring the fear they have built up into adulthood and may have difficulties understanding why they have the fear. The particular fear may expand and attach meanings to other fears which will just lead your child into an endless cycle of fears.

Provide Encouragement

Parents' words are big words to children. They weigh out every little encouragement you give them. Throw it out like nobody's business. Your encouragement will hopefully get them to get over their fears slowly. Please be patient and allow your child to take their pace. If you deem that a professional's help is needed. Please reach out to the necessary institutes.

Visible Signs To Note

Fear may be expressed in the form of anxiety in children. This may not be as obvious or frequent at the start. However, if it seems like it is persistent and it is beginning to affect your child’s daily life, it would probably mean that it is time for you to seek help. Do not worry about the labels attached to people who seek professional help etc, your child needs the help.

  1. Constant worrying

  2. Refusing things they usually enjoy

  3. Changes in mood / sleep or health

  4. Panic attacks

  5. Withdrawal from people / social circle

If a certain fear is a concern for your child’s well-being, please inform your child’s schools as well.

They spend a lot of time in school apart from you and amazing teachers would definitely be there for your child’s development.

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