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10 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

The era of television has been overtaken by YouTube. Unlike the days of old, kids content on YouTube is specifically catered for more than just entertainment because content creators know it is the parents that are choosing the content.

Parents desire educational and productive shows for their children, and we at Genesis Childcare 1989, our child care centre in Tampines, are always keen to help with anything related to a child’s growth!

So here is a list, in no particular order, of some great YouTube channels for kids. But do remember to limit the screen time!

You might have heard of Khan Academy, one of the most known online learning resource hubs. They've actually got an entire YouTube channel just for kids! Boasting a high quality production value, the channel features an episodic "Circle Time" video to check out each week. Their videos are even made to be integrated with their Khan Academy Kids App for an interactive learning experience. However, proactivity to learning would be needed on your child’s part.

Does Sesame Street even need an introduction? The most popular show that everybody grew up with, this brand name that pioneered preschool age television now also has their own YouTube channel. An oldie goldie in a new modern medium. Notably absent are the Muppet characters who helped make the classic preschool show a staple in kids' media, but the Sesame influence is strong nonetheless.

YouTube has paved the way for the biggest brands in educational television to branch out for different age groups, and National Geographics Kids is one of the most noteworthy with their fun adventures and science experiments! Let’s not even mention their top of the line premiere production quality.

Brought to you by the same non-profit organization that gave us the omnipresent TED Talks, TED-Ed can be a valuable resource for kids who are a little bit older with much better understanding of abstract concepts. Filled with creatively told stories and intellectually engaging exercises for young kids, or dare we say, even adults!

How about the youngest of kids? Featuring catchy songs and 3D animations, this channel with 36 million subscribers provides new content on a frequent basis for an endless amount of playback to keep your baby entertained while engaging their developing minds. With clear baby friendly voices and animations.

For toddlers and young elementary school-aged children, this household brand Youtube Channel provides weekly fun sing-a-longs for kids to sing, play, and learn with colorful characters and animations. While new to the educational content game, their contents are definitely going a far stretch and leaving its mark to prepare your child for the next stage!

Geared toward kids with an interest in natural sciences, feed your little one's curiosity through The Brain Scoop. Created and hosted by Emily Graslie, the chief curiosity correspondent of Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, to share their work and research. This well acclaimed YouTube channel engages your child with a wide range of videos about various topics like endangered species, to virtual tours of museums and science labs.

How about something different from a change? This channel provides your child with video instructions for a step-by-step hands on how to make different forms of craft using dolls, miniature objects and much more. You could join in with your kid’s fun as well!

The perfect educational and entertainment channel for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten kids. Visually and audibly rich and stimulating for kids who are starting to read, write and speak. Filled with practically every type of content from colors to nursery rhymes and silly songs!

To end our list with a unique twist, here’s a YouTube channel for kids, by a kid! Originally starting out as Ryan Toys Review with just the purpose of reviewing toys, this channel has exploded to become one of the most recognized and unexpectedly educational kids content channels on YouTube! The channel is catered to a more “grown up” format but perhaps this may also be a good starting point for your child to start exploring content on their own as well!

Genesis Childcare 1989

Educational media consumption is always going to be a convenient but less efficient alternative to actual child and infant care. Our staff at Genesis Childcare 1989 and Nurture Infant House understands this, and strives to provide a more active approach to be the best provider of care for children of all age groups.

If you’re looking for infant care in Tampines or anywhere in the east of Singapore, do take a look at our Nurture Infant House. With over 30 years of specialised experience, we have nurtured thousands of infants, toddlers and preschoolers alike.

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