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Effect of Childcare on a Child's Success

Ah, school. We are all social beings aspiring to seek higher achievements at all stages of life, and there is no earlier trial fostering our climb to success than the environment that our education infrastructure has to offer.

Regardless of whether you are working parents or not, the quality care given by our trained personnel at our child care centres in Tampines has always proven to be beneficial for early childhood development.

It is without question that better quality child care has a relationship with better cognitive and social development in children, but does it ensure better performances (academic or not) later on as they progress onwards to elementary school?


The word school is synonymous with discipline. We all know that if you want to do well in school, you have to follow the rules.

The rules at home generally apply when your kids are in school as well, but the rules at school may be alien to a child who has not experienced such a structured and systemic environment yet. Basic discipline such as paying attention to the teacher, not talking when others are talking, lining up, taking turns and even just sitting still at their assigned seat are all behaviors that are taught with better emphasis in daycares.


A lot of attention is given to the youngest child at home, who may have one or two siblings around their age at the most. Kids who stay at home often lack the exposure on interacting with many others of their age, and being just one part of a big group in general. The earlier it dawns on them that they are not going to get special attention all the time, the quicker they will learn to adjust to getting along well with others.

In the situations presented by our playgroups and kindergartens in Tampines, kids tend to learn important social skills like helping, sharing, negotiating and even just simply getting to know others by themselves. Daycare kids typically have the social rules down already. It wouldn't be good if your child is lagging behind in this department, would it not?

After all, we can't deny that school is a popularity contest.


Children's outcomes are influenced by their environment. Not even just in children, the relationship between a person's social wellbeing and their inclination to become more successful is much apparent. With that said, elementary schools put your child together with his or her peers for at least six years together. That's a pretty long time even for us grown ups. Should we even mention that's literally the lifespan of your child?

Given that most kids in our modern city attended preschool childcare, lacking the proper social skills may put your child behind in making friends or even being accepted by his peers. A child with higher empathy, cooperation, manners and etiquettes is more likely to have a healthier social environment. A child who is happy at school is more likely to look forward to attending school and thus positively partaking in the learning and activities.


And lastly, obviously, preschool prepares your child for learning in a class environment. And oh yes, this promotes competition, which helps a child be more striving towards learning.

Considering the psychology behind early childhood development, it is always better the earlier your child learns the ABCs, early reading and simple math. By the time your child reaches elementary school, a chunk of the window for his or her cognitive development would've been missed especially if such educational guidance was not employed well at home. We're not just talking about english, math and science either -- schools generally do not focus on teaching kids things like general hygiene for example.


What you’ve read are just a few of the positive effects that preschool child care centers like Genesis Childcare 1989 contribute to the success of your child in school.

If you’re looking for a preschool daycare center in the east of Singapore, do drop by at our kindergarten in Tampines where our childcare educators are now more trained than ever to give the proper guidance to your child to prepare for higher academic learning as well as the social environment of later life.

Our playgroup and kindergarten child care centres themselves are aptly equipped with the right toys and utilities to help develop the best potential in your child for the upcoming future.

For an even earlier start, you can check out our infant care centre, Nurture Infant House, which is also located nearby in Tampines, the east of Singapore.

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