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Getting Your Child Ready for Primary School

Perhaps you have already read our article on “What’s Next After Your Child’s Graduation” where we discussed factors that you need to consider to select the right primary school for your child. If you have yet to do so, be sure to check that out first before reading this article!

If you have already decided on the primary school that you would like to send your child to, you may be worried about the transition that your child has to go through when he or she moves from childcare to primary school!

The worries that you have are definitely reasonable. Besides, the transition is a big one and can most definitely be stressful for both your child and you! Therefore, we have put together this list of tips for you to ensure that your child is getting ready for primary school ahead of time. Read on to find out more!

1. Encourage independence

One of the largest differences between childcare and primary school is the ratio of teachers to students in a classroom. In a childcare, we typically get a teacher to student ratio of 1:3. However, in a primary school classroom setting, the ratio can go up to 1:30!

This difference in ratio means that the teacher might not be able to look after every child’s needs in the best way possible. Whereas in a childcare setting, the teacher will be able to focus on a small group of children, a primary school teacher would have to split his or her attention among 30 students or more.

Therefore, your child will benefit a lot if he or she is able to perform simple tasks independently. It would be good if you start nurturing your child’s ability to perform some self-help skills. Here are some ways you can start:

- When eating out as a family, allow your child to purchase his or her own meals because that is essentially what is going to happen in a school canteen during recess. So, why not start now!

- When on a family outing, delegate a small responsibility to your child. For example, allow your child to be in charge of a small item, like his wallet.

This is to ensure that your child will develop a sense of responsibility and ownership, both of which are important when your child begins his or her journey in primary school. If you want more tips, do look at this article too!

2. Practice routines

Another huge change that your child will have to go through when they begin primary school is that there will be huge changes in their daily routines. Your child will begin to have a school timetable and schedule to follow.

He or she will also have to wake up earlier than usual, have fixed daily routines like flag-raising ceremonies, recess as well as daily lessons. What’s more, there will be no more nap times in primary school!

Therefore, to avoid culture shock on the first day of school, it will be great for you to practice these routines with your child. Adjust bedtimes and morning alarms such that your child can get used to waking up earlier than usual.

If possible, go through a dry run of a school day’s timetable. Pretend to sing the national anthem in the morning, go for recess in the noon, and simulate pick-up and drop off from school. This can be a fun and exciting activity for both you and your child.

3. Go through the rules

This is probably the scariest part of primary school that most children have to go through. Your child will have to seek for permission before moving around in class, ask if he or she can head to the toilet or even have a drink of water!

This new environment with rules and regulations could take some time to get used to. You could therefore start early! Do not wait till the first day of school to expose your child to school rules. Go through the basic rules with your child before school starts.

You can even practice some of the school rules with your child:

- Role play! Get your child to ask for permission from you or a caregiver before going to the washroom.

- Get your child to raise his or her hand before asking a question or interrupting a conversation!

The Bottom-line

The transition from childcare to primary school is one that is life-changing. It is also one that is exciting! You and your child will remember it for years to come. However, jumping straight into the first day of school can be stressful. With these tips and tricks in this guide, we hope that we will be able to support you and your child through his or her primary school journey!

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