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Sleep Problems and Impacts on Lack of Sleep in Toddlers

Is your toddler having sleep problems like lack of sleep?

In this article, I am sharing on sleep problems and suggestions with you which you can manage your toddler’s sleep.

I will also be sharing on how sleep affects learning and physical health because by managing your toddler’s sleep, you can help the toddler to learn better and have good health.

Tired Signs

(12 to 18 months)

The toddler might be overtired if the toddler misses out on his morning or afternoon nap.

- Clumsiness

- Clinginess

- Grizzling or Crying

- Demands for constant attention

- Boredom with toys

- Fussiness with food

Grizzling and Crying

If the toddler has had food within the last two hours and is grizzling and cranky, the toddler is probably tired. If not sure, offer the toddler food. If the toddler takes only a little food and is still grizzly, the toddler needs to sleep.

Reducing Stimulation

If the toddler is showing signs of tiredness, get the toddler ready for sleep by reducing stimulation.


- Take the toddler to the place where the toddler usually sleeps.

- Put toys away.

- Talk quietly and soothingly.

- Close curtains and blinds.

- Turn overhead lights off, use lamps if need to.

- Play soft music.

This will help cut down on background noise.

- Remove food or drink away (if necessary, to prevent choking).

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Making Quiet Time Suggestions:

- Give the toddler a gentle cuddle, read a story or sing or play softer music.

- Do an experiment to find out what works for the toddler.

- Massage the toddler.

This helps to soothe the toddler and sleep better.

- Keep the house quiet

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Sleep and Learning

Source: Our Tampines Childcare’s Facebook

Good-quality sleep helps the toddler concentrate, remember things and behave well. Poor sleep or not enough sleep affects concentration, memory and behaviour, making it harder for the toddler to learn.

Concentration and Sleep

If the toddler is sleepy, the toddler may have trouble concentrating or focusing during the day.

Memory and Sleep

If the toddler is tired, it is harder for the toddler to remember basic things like how to spell words, how to calculate etc.

Behaviour and Sleep

If the toddler is sleepy, the toddler may tend to have more problems with behaviour such as grumpy or tantrums at childcare, preschool and home.

For example, the toddler might not cooperate in class or have difficulty following the teacher’s instructions and playing with other toddlers.

Working on sleep problems to help with learning

If the toddler has sleep problems, the parent may try managing with simple behaviour strategies.


- Check the toddler’s sleep habits.

- Play or exercise with the toddler in the day, do not play or exercise with the toddler in the night bedtime routine.

- Start a consistent bedtime routine.

- Seek Professional Help if the toddler has persistent sleep problems.

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Sleep and Physical Health

- Contribute to the risk of heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes in the toddler’s adult age.

- Feel hungrier and may contribute to obesity.

- Contribute negative impact on how the toddler’s immune system responds.

- Lack of energy in the day.

- Increase injury risk.

The toddler may get clumsier and more impulsive when doesn’t get enough sleep, hence may get injured.

Why Won’t The Toddler Sleep?

Refusing to go to sleep is the most common sleep problem.

This will improve as the toddler grows older.

Prefer to stay up with the family.


- Maintain regular bedtimes and nap times.

- Remind the toddler what is coming.

For example, after brushing our teeth, we will read a story and then we will go to sleep.

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Bad Dreams


- Comfort the toddler and return the toddler to bed.

- Surround the toddler with favourite animal or blanket.

This will allow the toddler to fall asleep again independently without the need to leave the bed and seek the parent out again.

- Seek Professional Help if bad dreams won’t stop.

I hope these suggestions will help you to manage your toddler’s sleep and your toddler will sleep better, learn better and have good health.

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