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Is Your Baby's Development On Track? Here's What to Expect

In this article, I am sharing the baby’s development from a newborn to a toddler.

First-Time Parents? You might be curious about what to expect next from the child and how to tell if the child’s development is on track.

1 month old

Grow fast.

Make eye contact.

Cry for help.

React to the parents’ voices and smiles.

2 month old

Learn to smile and study faces.

Concentrate on looking at people than objects.

Murmur and gurgle in response to sounds.

Express anger.

3 month old

Smile back when the parent smile, the lovely smile involves the whole body like arms lift up, hands open wide and legs move.

Smile and gurgle to get the parent’s attention.

Imitate the parent’s facial expressions and certain movements.

4 month old

Push up arms when lying on stomach.

Grab objects.

Laugh out aloud.

Enjoy playing and cry when playtime is disrupted.

5 month old

Start rolling in one or another direction.

Learn to transfer objects from one hand to another.

Blow raspberry.

Love to play during feeding.

6 month old

Rollover both ways.

Babble and make noises like squeals and murmurs.

Tend to be either gentle or active.

7 month old

Learn to use your thumb and fingers.

Express anger in a strong way.

Mimic the parents’ sounds.

8 month old

Clap hands.

Respond when the parent calls the baby by name.

May get anxious or shy with strangers.

9 month old

Try to crawl and climb stairs.

Like playing with the parent.

For example, cooking with mama.

Learn objects.

10 month old

Try to stand.

Begin self-esteem.

Respond to clapping.

Show all moods like happy, sad and angry.

11 month old

Do not allow the parent to read books or newspapers.

Try saying mama or dada.

Will not be cooperative.

Love bathing time.

12 month old

Stand without any support and take the first steps.

Try speaking 2 to 3 words.

I hope all these pointers will help the parents to understand the baby’s development from a newborn to a toddler.

Do take note that the baby grows at his own pace. If the parents do not see any of the milestones of the baby month by month as stated, it is completely normal in the baby’s development.

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