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Tired Signs, Impact of Lack of Sleep and How to Overcome

In this article, I will be sharing tired signs that your baby might have, the impact of lack of sleep and suggestions on how to overcome them.

Newborn: Tired Signs

Newborn babies may get tired if they have been awake for around an hour.

(1 to 2 months)
Tired Signs:

- Pull ears.

- Close fists.

- Yawn.

- Rub eyes.

- Stare into space.

- Make jerky arm and leg movements or arch backward.

- Frown.

- Suck on fingers.

Babies: Tired Signs
(3 to 6 months)

The baby might be tired after 1.5 to 3 hours of being awake.

(6 to 12 months)

The baby might be tired after 2 to 3 hours of being awake.

Tired Signs:

- Fall asleep during eating, drinking, playing and bathing times.

- Cling to the parents.

- Demand for constant attention.

- Bored with toys.

- Fussy with food.

Grizzling and Crying

If the baby has had a feed within the last two hours and is grizzling and cranky, the baby is probably tired.

If not sure, offer the baby a feed. If the baby takes only a little milk and is still grizzly, the baby needs to sleep.

Reducing Stimulation

If the baby is showing signs of tiredness, get the baby ready for sleep by reducing stimulation.

It will be harder to settle the baby to sleep if the baby is overtired or grumpy.


- Take the baby to the place where the baby usually sleeps.

- Put toys and cart away.

- Talk quietly and soothingly.

- Close curtains.

- Turn overhead lights off, use lamps if need to.

- Play soft music.

This will help cut down on background noise.

- Remove food or drink away (if necessary, to prevent choking).

- No screen on.

Making Quiet Time


- Help the baby “settle to sleep”.

- Give the baby a gentle cuddle, read a story or sing or play softer music.

- Do an experiment to find out what works for the baby.

Take note:

The baby might need only a few minutes of quiet time before the baby is relaxed and ready to be put in bed.

If the household is noisy and active, the baby might need some extra quiet time before the baby sleeps.

Does your baby “keep waking up in the night”? Here are tips for you to try it out.

What is the impact of a lack of sleep?


- Find it difficult to wake up in the morning.

- Fall asleep after being woken up and require the parent to wake the baby up again.

- Yawn frequently during the day.

- Fall asleep while feeding.


- Lack of interest or attention during the day.


- Increase moodiness and irritability.

How to overcome?

- Do not allow the baby to sleep more than normal.

- Do not allow the baby to have playtime that is too stimulating, including playing on electronic devices and screen time that leads up to bedtime. Keep the devices away.

- Put the baby down when drowsy, but still awake. Train the baby to self-soothe back to sleep.

This helps the baby to sleep independently.

- When the baby is sleeping in the same room with parents, voice, sneeze, snore etc can wake the baby up.

Reduce background noise to avoid waking the baby up.

- Stick to a consistent bedtime routine.

- Follow "a daily schedule".

- Phase-out night feeding time.

During night-time feeds

Put the baby to bed drowsy but awake.

Keep night-time interactions warm but low-key.

This will make it easier to wean your baby from night feeds.

I hope this article will help you to spot the tired signs your baby might have; all these suggestions will help you to cope with your baby’s sleep and he will sleep better.

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