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8 Great Prenatal Classes in Singapore that you may not want to miss! – A Guide for Parents

In this article, I will be sharing 8 great prenatal classes in Singapore where you can receive pregnancy & birthing tips and meet mama friends.

Whether you are a new mama or having another baby, these prenatal classes can help you out when your due date arrives.

Knowing what to expect is essential for any new mama and papa, whether it be at the beginning or end of the journey.

Thomson Medical Centre

The Childbirth Education Course offered at Thomson Medical Centre consists of zoom lessons and practical lessons based on physical and mental preparation, all the way to hands-on baby care for postnatal periods.

You have a chance to speak with a doctor because words that come out of a professional are more reassuring. Be ready to start after week 20!

Cost: $299

Address: 1 Thomson Road Singapore 300001

Tel: (+65) 6511 1183 / 6350 8848

Gleneagles Hospital

The Childbirth Education programme offered at Gleneagles Hospital has a free baby weaning session run by lactation consultants and midwives experienced in childbirth education.

Once you are enrolled, you are given access to phone support from their staff at any time. Remember to bring a notebook to the class, you will receive lots of valuable information.

Address: 6A Napier Road Singapore 258500

Tel: (+65) 6473 7222

KKH Women’s and Children’s Hospital

KKH’s Antenatal Programme provides a holistic overview of what to expect when you are expecting and answers all the how-to’s that you have.

All the trainers are current practitioners, so they will share real-life relatable experiences with you. They recommend you start the first part of the programme during week 16, then you will move into part two, which talks about labour and childbirth.

The first two parts are a total of eight sessions, each one and a half hours long, and ending with part three, which is one three-hour session. They cap the classes at 12 couples, so spots can fill up fast.

Address: 100 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 229899

Tel: (+65) 6225 5554


Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Hospital has two types of programmes, one to one prenatal programme or group prenatal group programme.

The one-to-one prenatal programme touches on the right posture, breathing and pushing techniques for labour, and exercises to relieve muscles.

The Group Antenatal Programme has a more general approach, with a total of seven lessons planned to teach you about pregnancy nutrition, exercise to the delivery process.

Cost: One-to-one: $250; Group Antenatal Programme: $200 Address: 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510 Tel: (+65) 6737 2666 Website:

Parkway East Hospital

The Antenatal Class Programme at Parkway East will teach you about eating nutritiously for two, consuming the right vitamins and minerals, and how not to pack on unnecessary weight.

Three exercise sessions are included to keep your body in optimal condition in prep for the delivery.

Address: 321 Joo Chiat Place Singapore 427990

Tel: (+65) 6344 7588

National University Hospital (NUH)

NUH‘s Antenatal Programme is available for those mamas who can’t wait to jump on the parent wagon and want to start after the 12th week.

With a total of eight sessions, you will learn everything you need to know about prenatal care, as well as postnatal care.

Not every mama will be able to go for eight weeks. It offers an express class option which includes you going in for two weeks and gaining just as much knowledge as you would in eight except for the class about infant feeding.

Cost: Normal class: $214 (NUH patient), $246.10 (non-NUH patient);

Express class: $160 (NUH patient), $192.60 (non-NUH patient)

Address: 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119074 Tel: (+65) 6779 5555 Website:

Mother and Child

Mother & Child’s popular antenatal Childbirth Preparation course is skillfully designed with practical information to prepare you before the birth of your baby. Over the course of four 2.5-hour classes, their highly experienced Midwives and Childbirth educators will impart their wisdom on topics including labour, birth, feeding, and newborn care, ensuring parents-to-be feel comfortable and confident in their birth process.

Classes are relaxed, interactive, and limited in size to provide plenty of personal attention.

Mother & Child’s prenatal packages also include complimentary services, special discounts, and a very useful Active Birth class to help prepare your body for labour.

You will come out of the course feeling confident about making informed choices about the kind of birth experience you want and have a new network of mama’s friends!

Start your first session around your 30th week of pregnancy and complete the course about a month before your expected delivery date.

There is a hypnobirthing class too.

Address: 163 Tanglin Road Singapore 247933 Tanglin Hub #03-11

Tel: (+65) 6836 0063

Bump Birth & Beyond

Bump Birth & Beyond understands the struggles of pregnant mamas who find it hard to sit through long hours of lessons.

The antenatal course can be done online in the comfort of your own home with lifetime access.

This course is taught by experts and the topics include baby and mother care, postpartum nutrition and teaching dadas & mamas how to plan an effective caring schedule.

It helps parents allocate quality time for the baby and much-needed self-care time for parents in the first 30 days of their new journey.

It has a great selection of pre and postnatal vendors that are offering special deals and discounts so you can get a good head start on parenthood.

You will find everything you need on the Partners’ page upon signing up.

There are live calls in which you can get to know the community and ask questions.

Cost: $197 for lifetime membership access.

I hope one of these great prenatal classes in Singapore will meet your needs on pregnancy and birthing tips and you can get to know new mama friends.

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