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What you need to know and how to support your wife during pregnancy? – A Guide for Dada to be.

Pregnancy is a challenging period for you and your wife.

In this article, I will be sharing all you need to know and how to support your wife during pregnancy.

One month

What you need to know?

Start to experience early pregnancy symptoms such as tiredness, nausea, changes to sense of taste or smell and moods like crying.

How to support?

Show your appreciation for the changes your wife going through.

Give your wife a shoulder to cry on.

Buy your wife some flowers and presents.

Take your wife out for dinner or order in her favourite takeaway.

Help your wife with the household chores like cooking, washing and throwing garbage daily without her asking.

Take time off from work to accompany your wife to the antenatal appointments and scans that will take place over the next nine months.

If you really cannot take time off, find someone whom you trusted to accompany your wife go and update you after the appointments and scans.

Two months
What you need to know?

You may not be able to attend every antenatal appointment.

There are 3 important appointments you need to attend such as first appointment, first scan and anomaly scan.

This shows your wife that you are supportive of the pregnancy and excited about being a dada to be.

Make a note of any questions in advance of your antenatal appointments.

The first pregnancy scan happens between eight weeks and 14 weeks.

You will get to know how your baby is growing, a more accurate estimated due date.

You will also get to know whether your ae having one, twins, triplets or more.

There is a scan photo of your baby in womb to take home.

Start to spread the news that you are pregnant.

How to support?

There are many ways to announce your pregnancy.

Enjoy a few more cosy evenings at home.

Walk, run and swim together. For example, two or three times a week.

Find out the costs of bringing up a baby. Where to get help if need?

Three months

What you need to know?

You may find that your wife a bit more relaxed now.

Enjoy time together as a couple.

For example, watch movies or having meals out.

Your wife might be forgetful. Help to check on behalf of your wife.

How to support?

Book a pre-baby break.

It may be many years before you enjoy another child-free holiday.

Check out where to go when you are expecting.

Bring your wife to buy some maternity clothes and things she needs.

Book antenatal classes. You get to know other couples in the classes too.

Cook a meal with pregnancy nutrition for your wife.

Four months

What you need to know?

Your wife’s anomaly scan happens between 18 weeks and 20 weeks.

This checks that your baby's developing healthily, finds out his sex and take another scan photo home.

Your wife will feel your baby move for the first time this month.

How to support?

Start bonding with your baby before the birth.

Keep a copy of the scan photo as your phone or laptop screensaver. Look at your baby daily.

Buy your baby stroller, high chair etc.

Plan a date night with your wife to connect and keep your relationship strong as you journey towards parenthood.

Five months

What you need to know?

Your baby starts to kick.

Your wife may experience some uncomfortable system again like back and pelvic pains.

How to support?

Rest your hand gently on your wife’s bump. You may get to feel your baby’s kick.

Give your wife a massage.

Put one pillow between your wife’s legs or under her bump can help make sleeping more comfortable.

Make sure your wife get enough iron and water in her diet. For example, meat, fish, leafy greens and beans.

If your wife is tired, pale, breathless and anxious, encourage her to see doctor.

Book a last child-free holiday before the baby come.

Start to come out a list of baby names.

Six months

How to support?

Search and register a place in good childcare.

Brush up on what your baby can learn in the womb.

Babyproof your house to protect the family.

Stock the home with healthy snacks such as sandwich, dried fruits and nuts. She can eat when she likes to.

Seven months

How to support?

Remind your wife that she is beautiful.

Show your wife that no matter what, you are so madly in love with her.

Set up your baby's nursery.

For the first six months, the safest place for your baby to sleep is in your room.

Make sure you have everything you need for your baby.

Help your wife practise relaxation techniques for labour.

Sit together and breathe deeply for a few minutes each night.

Eight months

What you need to know?

You could be meeting your baby and starting your new life as a parent in just a few weeks!

If you are having twins or triplets and your wife has not gone into labour yet, it is likely that your doctor will recommend an induction or a c-section earlier.

How to support?

Get hospital bag ready to go hospital anytime soon. Pack a small bag for yourself too which includes snacks, drinks, books or tablet when your wife is resting.

Fit your baby’s car seat in car.

Keep the petrol tank topped up at all times.

Plan the quickest route to the hospital when the time comes.

Head to the hospital when your wife's contractions are coming regularly every five minutes, with each one lasting about 45 seconds to a minute.

If your wife is having a planned c-section, sit beside your wife’s head and a screen will be set up in front of her bump, so you won’t see what is happening.

You will also need to wear a surgical gown and mask. Be prepared for your wife needs a slightly longer hospital stay like three or four days instead of just one or two days.

Stay by your wife’s side and hold her hands. You might experience some intense emotions when you look into your baby's eyes for the very first time.

Nine months

What you need to know?

Congratulations! Your baby is here!

How to support?

Enjoy some skin-to-skin bonding with your baby.

Support your wife's breastfeeding. Encourage her when she feels painful.

If you already have a child, he may feel a bit jealous of his new sibling.

Give a toy or book to your older child as a present from the new baby.

Buy your wife’s favourite food and drink to thank her for all her hard work in growing and giving birth to your beautiful new baby.

I hope all these pointers will help you to know and how to support your wife during pregnancy.

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