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Types of children stories for bedtime

Children stories are known as children literature, which are works that are written with illustrations for young people to enjoy.

It has various genres – classic literature, books with pictures and easy to read story books. The contents are usually fairy tales, lullabies, folk songs and fables.

Stories read by children becomes their knowledge, it guides them to understand the world around them.

By reading stories from young, it develops the child’s reading skills, confidence levels, language, and learning. This is important in the future, especially in their education and work.

Children will be able to manage and understand their feelings from stories, as well as leaning how to cope with it.

How does children stories develop the child’s confidence level?

As children are reading stories, their language starts to develop. This allows them to participate in various kinds of school activities, building up their confidence and self-esteem.

Stories may include how people gain confidence in their life, teaching children how they were like and what they had done to be confident.

How does children stories develop the child’s language and their learning?

New words, thoughts, and concept can be learned from stories. Children may learn information they are interested in without being taught, but by reading.

Complex concepts and ideas can be taught to children with stories, basing real life ideas that make it more relatable to children as they grow up.

How children stories help a child to develop their imagination?

Development of imagination occurs when new ideas are introduced to the children. Children can imagine about fantastical worlds, time, space, and characters in stories.

Children are encouraged to imagine more about the things they read about, for them to develop more ideas that can be realistic or based on fantasy.

The ideas developed in their imagination are important to their growth in the psychological aspect, helping them to manage their feelings.

How children stories help a child to cope with their feelings?

Children stories may contain feelings, this teaches the child to understand the feeling, and to be able to name the feeling when they are unsure.

Through the stories, the child can acknowledge that they are not the only one feeling this way, as there will be others who feel the same thing.

This encourages children to express their feelings and understand that it is normal to display them. They will learn to seek help if their emotions are hard to control or to understand.

Based on the reaction from the stories, it will show how the child thinks and how they feel about it.

How children stories help a child relax?

Children stories aid children in forgetting about the stress they faced in the day. It helps them to imagine a world they want to be in.

If parents do read stories frequently with their child, it helps the child to feel more secure and aid them to relax easily. The child may rest easily at night, and it will improve their sleep.

What are the genre of children stories and its examples?

Children stories consist of various genre to pique the children’s interest, with each story being different from one another. Parents may pick up suitable stories for their child to learn more about the world and what they can do.

Fable stories are short stories with a few characters. The characters consist of animals that have behaviours similar to humans, talking about social lessons. For example, a story about The Frogs and The Ox.

Fairytales are fantasy stories with evil and good characters, as well as happy endings. The setting of the stories are typically about a faraway ancient place, with a princess being the key character most of the time, and an evil character as a witch. For example, a story about Cinderella.

Modern fairytales are different from the usual fairytale stories. The settings are typically in the city area, and the story will be about the daily experience of the key character. For example, a fairytale about Me and You.

Myth are origin stories, explaining about how and why things appear as it is in the present. It typically explains about phenomena in nature, the beginning of the world and the behaviours of people. The depiction of the characters can be emotional and illogical, to learn a lesson from their mistakes. For example, a story about Hermes and Apollo.

Folktales are stories shared by telling others through the generations, it can be a tall tale, fairytale, fable, myth, or a legend. For example, a folktale about Little Red Riding Hood.

Legends are stories that include some aspects of real historical information. The setting in the story can be exaggerated as compared to the real event. It adds in fantasy in the scenario, and make the key character into a hero. For example, a story about Mulan.

Trickster tales are stories about intellectual and unusual abilities possessed by the key character, as they trick others. Most of the key characters are mischievous and chaotic, often avoiding the consequences, but it does not result in a horrible ending. For example, a tale about The Archer and The Sun.

Tall tales are stories that are made up by others, to be seen as true. Most of the tall tales are known as ghost stories. For example, a tale about The Boy Who Drew Cats: A Japanese Folktale.

Poetry and verse are stories with rhymes, it helps to improve the child’s language and their memorizing skills. For example, a poetry about Whenever You See A Tree.

Biographies are stories from a historical figure in real life or places. The distinction between legends and real events are what make a good biography. However, most of the biographies are found to be unreliable and bias. For example, a biography of Turning Pages: My Life Story by Sonia Sotomayor.

Non-fiction stories are known as scientific stories, the contents are factual and can be about dinosaurs or animals. For example, a story about the Tadpole’s Promise.

Concept stories aid children in understanding concepts that occur in real life. It can be an alphabet book, a story that guides children in doing tasks or teach them about maths. For example, a story about Meaningless Goals.

Issue stories are about difficult circumstances faced by others in real life. It can be used to talk about things that are difficult to discuss with a child. The key characters in the stories are fictional, while the contents are real in order to help the child to understand. For example, a story about The Goodbye Book.

Film adaptations are stories from a successful film. However, most of the books do not match up to the standard of the film. Watching the film about stories are highly encouraged as it makes it easier for the child to understand. For example, the story of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Old wives’ tales are stories about superstitions, on how some actions may result in bad luck or may negatively impact the key character’s future. For example, some Asians mentioned that having leftovers on the plate will result in an ugly face—the number of pimple that may grow on the face is related to how much food were left on the plate.

I hope the information available helps you to understand more about children stories, to help you decide which is a good story to introduce to your child.

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