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Introduce Your Kid to New Languages Using This Number

The baby's first year will be a period of many changes -- and we don’t mean changing diapers. From the first smiles, gurgles, and coos to learning to say "mama" or "dada," babies love to communicate with their form of baby talks.

In the first year, you can do a lot to encourage your baby's communication skills. A baby speaks her desires through sounds, facial expressions, and gestures. When a parent responds to her cues, she begins to learn the words that correspond to the objects in her environment. The more words a child hears, the more expansive their vocabulary.

Your actions will help them to develop reading, writing and interpersonal skills, both later in childhood and later in life. When you are choosing preschools in Singapore, you also want to ensure that the environment allows them plenty of opportunities to learn new languages.

Early experiences strongly affect later development.

Research indicates that early intervention on early speech will influence the child's life. The study on children in different language environments highlighted a gap in language abilities before entering kindergarten, which increases as the children grow older.

Kids acquire the most language skills between the ages of 2 and 3. A child's developing brain is most flexible to new learning experiences during the earliest months and years of life. So, this is a crucial age to help them learn new languages.

At age 2, most kids can follow directions and combine words in short sentences. They can usually follow two-step instructions, such as "pick up the toy and bring it to Daddy."

Therefore, if you want to raise a bilingual child, exposing your toddler as often as possible to different languages makes sense.

Learning two languages has many advantages. Apart from sharing your cultural heritage, it also helps the child to acquire social skills to interact with people who speak the same language. When they grow older, they are also more equipped to interact with others. Learning a language gives the child the ability to express themselves.

How to improve your child’s language skills

If you are a parent or a caregiver, remember that talking to your baby early and often is essential. You will need to take an interest to expose them to an extensive vocabulary. Reading books can be a great way to introduce new words. This simple activity will help set them on the right trajectory for years to come.

Here are a few more suggestions we have to help improve your child's communication skills:

  • Talk to your toddler about what they did during the day or plans to do tomorrow. "I think it's going to rain this afternoon. What shall we do?"

  • Play make-believe games and create stories with them.

  • Read favourite books over and over and encourage your child to join in. Encourage "pretend" reading (letting your child "read" a book to you)

  • When you are out with them, point new items out to them often. Practise naming new items in your environment together with them.

  • Place them in a social environment where they can learn languages from other people. A preschool that offers language programs is a good way to ensure your child can learn through play.

Social activity is the best way to learn language skills. As toddlers are still learning how to interact with others, socialising is also an excellent way to practise their people skills. You can read our blog here for more ideas.


Children’s brains from 0-3 are more plastic and can absorb information faster. This is why they acquire their language skills faster in this time period.

Parents and caregivers must talk to them often and encourage them. If you are looking for a pre-school, look for an environment where your child can learn different languages.

If you’re looking for a childcare centre in Tampines that provides quality education supported by loving and nurturing teachers, then you should contact us. Genesis Group offers Mandarin classes as well. We believe that every child is unique and precious. Our holistic curriculum creates meaningful learning experiences that highlight your child’s strengths. We are excited to start working hand-in-hand with you to bring out the best in your child today.

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The children in our preschool Tampines get to learn English, Chinese, Maths, Science, Music and Movement, Arts, Outdoor Play and cookery lessons. Our Preschool Tampines also provides balanced and nutritious meals for the children and helps the children to cultivate healthy eating habits.

We consistently create a positive and cozy environment that will give your child a sense of security which builds their self-confidence to explore the world around them.

We have over 30 years of experience in nurturing thousands of infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

If you are looking for a good Tampines infant care or Tampines preschool or Tampines childcare near Tampines Central, do consider Genesis Childcare 1989.

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