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How to Discipline Your Child in a Positive Manner?

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Do not shame, blame or punish your child when he misbehaves or makes poor choices. This causes a disruptive impact on his child’s self-image.

Believe your child will always choose better behaviours as soon as he feels ready and able to do so.

For example,

Your child is going to feel ready and able to listen and respect you if you take the time to listen and respect him as well.

Your child takes time, practice and patience to learn how to regulate his emotions and responses.

When your child encounters a fight with a classmate, sibling or struggles with you, it is possible for your child to respond calmly.


If you want your child to learn to make positive choices you must start by implementing a positive response to unhelpful behaviours yourself.

When your child misbehaves, you need to choose to see it as an opportunity to teach instead of punishing.

Ability and Reality Of Misbehaviour

Your child begins to understand expectations very early but needs help to regulate his responses.

How your child acts in response to stressful or difficult situations is learned by following how his parents respond.

How often do you yell or engage in a power struggle to get your child to do what you want him to do?

Practice both making mistakes without fear of “getting in trouble” and guidance from our part to walk them through when they mess up, “misbehave” and act out.


1. Connect with your child before you correct him.

This builds trust and opens space for listening.

This also helps your child get back into a state of calm before you jump into telling him how to fix his behaviours.

2. Look for positive solutions.

For example,

When siblings fight a lot or nobody is listening, it is helpful to observe patterns and work out possible solutions.

Coach your child if he has persistent behaviour problems.

3. Follow through with kindness.

By respecting your child’s needs for connection, love and acceptance, you create a sense of mutual respect and cooperation.

When your child needs guidance, he will come to look for you because he knows he can trust you.

There are many tools and solutions for positive discipline.

It takes more patience and practice to discipline in a positive way.

Trust and believe that your child is willing and capable of learning and growing and he will prove you right!

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