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How Age Impacts Learning

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Take your child’s mind as a blank piece of canvas in their early years, and how easy it is to imprint an impression on your child’s mind. There has been sufficient evidence obtained that emphasises on the importance of starting your child’s learning experience from young. The surrounding environment and its people are significant in forming a strong foundation in your child which influences his entire life

Children’s brains develop through learning, therefore your child requires a stimulating environment that encourages learning and play.

A healthy guardian-child relationship builds a strong foundation for your child’s healthy learning and development. The time that you dedicate to interact and play with your child fosters a conducive environment for them to start learning life skills from young.

Learning Life Skills

It is advantageous for your child to learn basic life skills in their early years to cultivate healthy habits that they carry on to practice in their lives. How to teach them life skills then? Starting from a safe environment at home, provide them with instructions, model the action and guide them step by step.

Attempt to be on your child’s eye level and grab their attention. Children tend to have short attention spans and much patience is needed in order to get your child to listen to instructions. Start with simple words that are easier for your child to capture and understand. Model the desired action thereafter and try to get your child to follow.

Repetition also helps with mastering the skills. It is vital to note that the first few stages of learning include imitation. Your child will watch your actions and attempt to imitate the movements made. As a parent or guardian, you play a significant role as you are a role model to them in their early years.

In our Tampines childcare, our teachers provide exemplary behaviour in class and they acknowledge students' good behaviour and progress in class. With a role model in school, they will imitate the positive behaviour shown in class.

Wondering if there are more ways to enable your child to get ahead in life? Click here to find out more.

Learning Languages

To become well-versed in a language, research has shown that learning should start before the age of 10. The bulk of your child’s ability to learn is developed by the tender age of 3 and the crucial years of your child’s development are from 0 to 5 years. A child is most receptive to learning between these ages.

Infants have more sensitive ears to capture and process distinct sounds, thus being able to pick up languages in native accents considerably fast. It definitely accelerates learning if one learns in the immersive environment itself. By the age of 3, children will have the ability to use full words to form simple sentences and beyond 3 years of age, they are expanding their word bank and learning more difficult concepts of the language. Providing a safe space for them to learn, you can start by talking and singing to them, gradually moving onto teaching them vowels and then words. These are one of such ways to engage your child and prepare them for higher levels of education.

Here is an article regarding a parent’s first-hand experience of how she taught her 5 year old child to write Chinese characters!

Importance of Preschool

Preschool is a perfect starting environment to kickstart your child’s learning experience in life as it lays the foundation of your child's future education journey. Therefore it is important that you select the best learning environment for your child.

Kickstart your child’s learning - Genesis Childcare

We believe in the growth and potential of every child at Genesis Childcare 1989. At Tampines Childcare, we guarantee to provide your child with the highest quality care, from your child’s physical to emotional well-being.

Here at preschool Tampines, we construct a structured and guided learning curriculum conducted only by the best educators who are carefully selected based on their qualifications and experiences.

We have a Nurture Infant house at Infant care Tampines as well, for those seeking Infant Care in the east side of Singapore.

With over 30 years of specialised experience, we are leaders in early childcare education in Singapore. If you are looking for childcare or infant care in Tampines to start your little ones in life, why not start off by registering with us for a complimentary guided tour?

Do click here to learn more about our child care centre or click here to WhatsApp us if you have any enquiries regarding our playgroup Tampines.

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