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Helping Your Child Adjust To A New Baby

Welcoming a new baby is stressful for a child.

Preparing for a new sibling and understanding that their role as the “baby” in the family is being passed on to another child can be unsettling for children.

It is important for parents to understand that it is stressful for the child and help them cope with their emotions.

This article will look at ways to have a smooth transition once the new baby arrives.

Spend Regular Alone Time

Give your child your utmost attention when they are speaking or when you’re available. Set time aside for your child. If possible, try to bring your child out for alone time with Mommy or Daddy while the other parent is attending to the new baby.

Get help from a relative if that is feasible for you. Have your parents come by and let them have some time with the new baby while you head out with your child to acknowledge and let your child know that nothing much has changed. The uncertainty of what a new baby will bring into their young life is stressful for them. Maybe try involving them during dinner time and have them prepare milk bottles for their little siblings. Involve them as much as possible.

Address Rough Behaviour

If your child seems to be showing his anger through rough behaviour with the new baby, do not lose your calm. To them sharing your love and attention with the new baby or someone else for that matter is like having another competitor in the field. Their emotions, be it jealousy, anger and whatnot can be expressed through rough behaviour.

When this happens, please contain your anger and pull them away from the situation.

Acknowledge their feelings. Let them understand the consequences of their behaviour. Understand as parents, these feelings are probably to be expected, exactly why this article is being written.

Try to be as rational as possible and avoid making it seem like you are taking sides when such behaviour is expressed.

Let Your Child Still Be A Baby

Do not make it seem like your child is forced out of his or her place as the baby. That is all the child has been familiar with since birth. In society, there are roles everyone takes up.

For example, as a parent, you take on the role of a mother or a father. If you are asked to take on another role out of nowhere, you will be perplexed. The same goes for your child. If your child wants you to hold you the same way as the baby or rock them like the baby, do it.

It is important to let your child know that they are not being replaced.

Let Your Child Feel Involved

Engage your child in handling simple chores or tasks around the house or with the new baby. As part of the transition from their role as their baby to the older sibling, they need to engage in activities that will allow them to feel helpful and like a big child.

It will allow them to be more open to the new child and understand that the baby requires more help in simple tasks like cleaning diapers, feeding etc while the big kid is capable of it themselves.

But remember, it does not mean that they must do it, if they want to be baby-ed, provide it to them. It takes time to get used to the change.

Let Them Play With Children

If your child is an older child and is of age to enter childcare, let them experience being around children of other ages first.

With firsthand experience and observational learning, they are bound to understand the role of being an older sibling.

With guidance from experienced teachers, you are likely to have some extra time for yourself while your child is at childcare/playgroup/infant care/kindergarten.

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