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Countries for children to know around the world (Part 8)

A country refers to a plot of land that is governed by their governments 

A country does not refer to territories that are dependent or independent of political interest, or tied with interest under international law. defines a country as an area that has a country code in the ISO 3166-1


Regions are defined as an encyclopaedic entry, where common features are found in the land area. Common features either include natural or artificial features on the land. 

Regions in the world 

There are different regions around the world, which is known as: 

● East Asia and Pacific

● Europe and Central Asia 

● Latin America and Caribbean 

● Middle East and North America 

● North America 

● South Asia 

● Sub-Saharan Africa 

Countries in Africa 

There are 59 countries in Africa, with 31 million km² total land area. It represents 20% of the habitable surface on Earth. It is estimated that there are about 1.43 billion people living in Africa, which is 17.9% of the world’s population, accounting to 2.9% of global economic output. 

National borders were hardly defined until colonial times. Such an example is the borderlines in North Africa, where it looks similar to lines drawn by a ruler over hundreds of kilometres. 

Countries in Northern Africa 

Some countries found in Northern Africa are: 

● Algeria 

● Egypt 

● Libya 

● Morocco 

● South Sudan 

● Tunisia 


Located at the Mediterranean coast in Northern Africa, Algeria has a total land area of 2,381,740 km² (342% of the area of Texas) and the coastline is 998 km, ranking as the largest country in Africa, and as the 10th largest country in the world. It is found that 75% of the people in Algeria live in the urban areas.

Fun Facts about Algeria 

1. Sahara Desert is found to cover more than ⅘ of Algeria’s area. The Sahara Desert is the biggest desert in the world. 

2. The national animal of Algeria is the fennec fox. The fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world, it has large ears that can measure up to 6 inches (15.24 cm). 3. Despite being covered by the Sahara Desert, people in Algeria enjoy various types of climates. Some areas may not receive rain, while others may have rainy climates similar to London. 


Located right at the Mediterranean Sea and the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt has a total land area of 1,001,450 km² (144% of the land area of Texas) and the coastline is 2,450 km. It is ranked as one of the largest countries in Africa, and the 30th largest country in the world. It is found that 43% of the people in Egypt live in the cities. 

Fun Facts about Egypt 

1. The largest Egyptian pyramid can be found in Giza (A city in Egypt), known as the Pyramid of Khufu. The structure of the pyramid weighs similarly to 16 Empire State Buildings. 

2. Cats were seen as animals that are sacred by the Ancient Egyptians. It was firmly believed by the Ancient Egyptians that keeping a cat as a pet would bring good luck to the household. 

3. People (Men and women) in Ancient Egypt wore makeup, eye paints were typically green (made from copper) or black (made from lead) in colour. Not only does the makeup protect the Ancient Egyptians from the sun, they believed it also had healing powers.


Located on the Mediterranean coast of Northern Africa, Libya has a total land area of 1,759,540 km² (253% of the land area of Texas) and the coastline is 1,770 km. It is ranked as one of the largest countries in Africa, and as the 17th largest country in the world. It is found that 81% of the people in Libya live in the urban areas, with ⅙ of the people living in Tripoli. 

Fun Facts about Libya 

1. It is found that Libya is bigger than the state of Alaska. However, it is covered mostly by the Libyan Desert, which makes the country extremely dry. No permanent rivers are found to flow through the boundaries of Libya. 

2. Water can be found under the ground or in the dry streambeds (known as wadis). A Great Man-Made River (Permanent water source) was then built to ensure fresh water will be delivered to the cities in Libya. 

3. Common animals seen in Libya are Hyenas, Fennec foxes, Jackals, Gazelles and Snakes. 


Located in the Northwestern Africa that is connected to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Morocco has a total land area of 710,850 km² (102% of the land area of Texas) and the coastline is 1,835 km. It is ranked as the 18th largest country in Africa, and as the 40th largest country in the world. It is found that 65% of the people in Morocco live in the cities, with every 7 people found to live in Casablanca. 

Fun Facts about Morocco

1. In the past, Elephants and Lions were a common sight in Morocco. However, due to the harsh climate, reptiles like Geckos, Snakes, and Chameleons are commonly sighted. 

2. Common mammals seen in Morocco are Camels, Sheeps, Goats and the Barbary Macaque Monkey. Occasionally, other types of animals can be seen, such as the Desert Foxes, Desert Hedgehog and Jerboa. 

3. Commonly sighted greens are Olive trees, Evergreen Oaks and Giant Cedars in the flat plains and mountains. 

South Sudan 

Located in the Northeast Africa, South Sudan is a landlocked country that has a total land area of 644,330 km² (93% of the land area of Texas). It is ranked as the 19th largest country in Africa, and as the 43rd largest country in the world. It is found that 79% of the people in South Sudan live in the rural areas. 

Fun Facts about South Sudan 

1. South Sudan is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in Africa as there are more than hundreds of language groups. 

2. It is found that there are more than 60 ethnic groups in South Sudan. 3. The Nile (Longest river in the world) passes through South Sudan, while the White Nile (1 of the 2 tributaries of the Nile), passes through the capital city of South Sudan. 


Located in the north of Africa on the southern Mediterranean Coast, Tunisia has a total land area of 163,610 km² (79% of the land area of Minnesota) and the coastline is 1,148 km. It is

ranked as the 24th smallest country in Africa, and as the 93rd smallest country in the world. It is found that 70% of the people in Tunisia live in the urban areas. 

Fun Facts about Tunisia 

1. The distance between Tunisia and the southern Italian island is about 70 km away. 2. The largest colosseum in North America can be found in Tunisia. The Amphitheatre of El Jem is listed in UNESCO, which was built by the Romans around 238 AD, holding up to 35,000 spectators. 

3. The National Park in Tunisia, known as Ichkeul National Park, is listed in UNESCO. The park is famous for its wildlife (more than 200 animal species and 500 plant species), especially its birdlife (more than 300,00 ducks, geese and coots). 

I hope the information available helps you to understand information about different countries in Northern Africa. As this article may serve as an aid to help you introduce the various countries in Northern Africa to your child. 

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