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9 Best Ways to Prepare Your Child for a New Baby Sibling – A Guide for Parents

You might be well-prepared for the arrival of a new baby in the house, but your child has no idea how his little world is about to change.

Help your child prepare for a baby and a new life as a big sibling with strategies that help explain why a new baby needs a lot of attention and care.

Hence, your child will not feel jealousy and resentment towards the new baby and is excited about meeting him.

Pull out some photos of your child when he was a newborn. Point on some parts.

For example:

Belly buttons: Newborn has an umbilical stump attached to his belly button for a few weeks.

Floppy neck: Newborn’s neck is floppy and it will be awhile before his neck is strong enough to support his giant head.

Soft spots: Newborn has delicate soft spot in his skull. Hence, needs to be extra gentle with his head.

Pull out one of the tiny outfits your toddler once wore to offer a sense of how small he was.

Teach your child how to prepare milk bottle for your new baby and burp him.

Tell your child that newborn grows from drinking milk straight from your breasts or from a bottle that your Dada or you prepare.

Let your child practise how to make milk bottle.

Demonstrate how to burp a baby by practicing on your child.

Communicate without words.

A new baby doesn't know how to tell anyone what he wants or what is bothering him, so he cries — it is his way of talking.

He might be letting the family know he is hungry or sleepy, too hot or too cold, his diaper is dirty or he needs love and attention.

Make a list of quiet activities together.

A new baby sibling needs plenty of sleep in order to grow, he is likely to be more patient and cooperative about your newborn's sleep habits.

Your child can do with you while the new baby in the house naps.

Remind your child on the new baby in the womb.

Prepare your child for the fact that you are going to have to hold the new baby a lot at first.

It can be tough for your child to find your arms and lap occupied by the new baby all the time.

Hold your child and ask how the rocking motion makes him feel and then explain that cuddling makes newborn happy because it reminds him of being inside your womb.

Then have your child snuggle his stuffed animal or doll and rock it.

Remind your child that there will still be time and hugs for him too.

Prepare your child to help or involve in taking care of your new baby.

Using a doll as a stand-in, have your child fetch you a diaper or wipes at changing time, a towel at bath time, a pacifier when the "baby" is crying.

Choose some rhymes to play and make funny faces. This will help to bond with the new baby.

In the first few months, rocking and feeding will be performed only by dada and you as your new baby is little and weak.

Rehearse for playtime.

Explain that the new baby only eat, sleep, cry and poop or pee at first and that he cannot be a playmate right away.

Try out some fun activities that your child can play with the baby from day one.

For example:

Offer finger for the baby to hold or squeeze.

Hold a soft toy or doll for the baby to look at.

Show your child how to be gentle with the baby.

The new baby is little and weak.

Have your child practice being gentle with a doll, holding it on her lap and stroking it softly like she will soon be doing with the baby.

Handle gifts with care.

Explain to your child that friends and family want to celebrate this happy time when your baby brother or sister is born by giving gifts.

For example, the baby can't open the gifts, so he will need his big sibling to be a special helper and open his gifts for him.

Plan together a gift to give the baby.

I hope all these pointers will help you to prepare your child for a new baby sibling.

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