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The Different Kind of Pets for Your Child

Animals are fascinating and alluring creatures to children. Amidst the helter skelter bewilderment of child raising, not enough thought is generally given by parents to the idea of pet ownership until the inevitable day arrives when your child asks with puppy eyes for a pet of his or her own to take care of. Especially so if the parents never owned a pet before -- it would usually be a resounding “No”

But parents should know that pets offer a unique way of helping your child grow. Large or small, every genre of pet has an innate ability to teach, delight, and offer a special kind of companionship that is different from that which relatives and friends can provide to a child. Pets give children one of their first sense of responsibility and compassion towards another living being. Having a pet is also a good way for your child to take an interest in reading up books on how to take care of the pet.

With over 30 years of experience, our preschool in Tampines is rated as one of the top 3 preschools in Tampines, and our staff are not only adequately experienced with caretaking for children, some of us are pets owners as well.

If you’re considering getting a pet for your child, we’ve come up with a small list of the common pets and how they can suit your child. Have a read!


Fishes and other small marine life forms serve as the ideal first pets for they are the safest and most low maintenance for care taking. You can start from just a single fish and expand it into an aquarium. Do note that it is wise to do good research for any pet you intend to adopt, however simple it may seem at first.

Contrary to mainstream belief, some fishes like Goldfishes are notoriously hard to maintain due to their waste production. Regardless, the small real estate they take up is a convenient exchange for your child to learn about duties and affection.


Mices, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and even rabbits all belong to the same family of the animal kingdom. They are small, but quite a handful. However, like fishes, it is generally acceptable for them to be kept in spacious cages for easier caretaking and maintenance. At the same time, they’re pets that your child could hold and interact with more sensually.

Their vulnerable small sizes lead your child towards habits that promote careful handling, paying attention to details, being sensitive and protecting.


Taking over the internet with memes and cat videos, the top dog when it comes to our current generation’s favourite pet is the cat! They’re affectionately fun to play with, chaotic yet quiet, and they’re pretty independent to be left alone most of the time. Research has shown that kids who own cats develop higher self-esteem and are healthier in mental and physical aspects (such as boosting immunity to allergies).

The cuddling companionship cats provide is a fair balance between vigorous activities and sensitive intimacy. Larger animals provide more of a connection for your child to share their secrets and private thoughts, however, young children are unable to care for cats purely on their own so parents may need to oversee the initial stages. Regardless, a cat is the most well balanced pet a child could care for.


Lastly, man’s best friend. Just like cats, dogs live a long age for your child to grow up with. Getting a dog for your child has to be seen as getting a dog for the entire family. They’re the hardest for your child to take care of, but the long term benefits outweigh the commitment if your child is able to pull through. Infact, an older dog would most likely be like a sibling taking care of your child instead! They also encourage your child to engage in outdoor activities.

Loyal, dependable and loving. Dogs are literally embodiments of soulmates for your child. A dog is also intelligent enough for your child to give instructions, rewards and punishment. They teach your child to understand true friendship and about real loss, about responsibilities and of consequences. The emotional growth a dog will provide for your child is unmatched.


Elephants provide your child with the epitome of entertainment and care taking companionship. If you live in the African wilderness, an elephant is one of the best pets your child could have! Just joking!

However, if you live in the east of Singapore, your next best option is to take a look at Genesis Child Care 1989 and Nurture Infant House! We are located in Tampines, where our trained preschool educators and infant care caregivers will definitely provide the same great amount of value for your child!

Our playgroup and kindergarten child care centres themselves are aptly equipped with the right activities, toys and utilities to help develop the best potential in your child just like having a pet could.

For an even earlier start, you can check out our infant care centre, Nurture Infant House, which is also located nearby in Tampines, the east of Singapore.

Feel free to book an appointment through WhatsApp, or visit us at the following venues:

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