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Can Childcare Really Give a Boost to Your Child’s Immunity?

There is a myth that childcare centres are dirty and children who attend infant care tend to get sick more often. In this article, we will debunk this myth and provide more insight and useful tips to boost your child’s immunity.

A good night’s sleep

Sleep, or the lack of this precious commodity, is one of the most significant influences on a healthy life. Sleep is critically important during the first year because the human growth hormone is released during deep sleep. Equally important are the quality and quantity of an infant’s sleep, because they affect more than just the child – they also impact the welfare of everyone in the household, especially the parent or caregiver.

Sleep is actually a really great prevention strategy to fight off germs! Think about it. Studies and research have shown that a lack of sleep can reduce the body’s production of natural immunity, which are crucial in fighting off illnesses. Without sufficient sleep, young children might be more susceptible to catch infection or may not be able to ward off germs and bacteria. On the other hand, the parent or caregiver, who has to take care of the child for long hours or late into the night might not have enough rest and will suffer from insufficient or poor quality sleep! A tired caregiver will have lower immunity and might be susceptible to some illnesses like cough or cold. It is possible that she might then pass on this illness to the child! That would be a vicious cycle!

Here at Genesis Childcare 1989, we have an organized and professional routine for our children. We have designated times for sleep and play, we also have purposed specific areas for sleep and play so that our children become very familiar with a well thought out schedule.

In addition, we have ample teachers and caregivers so that attention and time will be spent on the children to take care and to educate them. To ensure the quality of sleep in our Childcare, we use air-conditioners to ensure a restful sleep for our children and try our best to give him/her regular nap routines in the day. By regulating the children’s nap routines, we believe this will help parents to achieve a good night’s sleep for their child and for themselves too!

Maintaining basic hygiene

How do infectious diseases spread? Answer: Spread of infectious diseases requires a source of infection, a route of transmission and a host-person that has the illness or disease.

Routes of transmission can include:

Droplet – When infected people sneeze, cough or talk, germs can spread by way of respiratory droplets. Hands and other surfaces soiled with nasal and throat discharges are often responsible for the spread of disease.

Airborne – This occurs when bacteria or viruses have the ability to remain suspended in the air and be borne by air currents e.g. after sneezing.

Faecal-oral – Some viruses, bacteria and parasites are spread by this route. In these cases, they are present in the faeces of infected people and may be passed from soiled hands to others either directly to the mouth or indirectly via objects, surfaces or food. The sites most commonly contaminated with faeces are hands, toilet areas (eg flush handle/buttons), tap handle, door handle, hand rails, table tops and floor.

Contact – Some diseases can be spread directly via skin-to-skin contact, or indirectly by contact with contaminated objects or surfaces.

Vector – Some viruses and parasites are spread by insect or animal bites such as dengue.

Let’s evaluate this matter carefully. When the child is at home, do you have the resources to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and take care of the child at the same time?

We are happy to share that at Genesis Childcare 1989, we rigorously undertake our cleaning and disease-prevention activities.

All high-touch surfaces, toys, toilets, floors are cleaned frequently every day.

We have dedicated staff to wash and clean the place regularly.

Cleaning is done before the centre opens and during school hours.

Not only that, we spend a lot of time and effort to teach our children to keep their hands clean.

For example, at the toilet area, we have placed pictures to illustrate the correct method of hand-washing practices.

During class time, the teachers have also gone through the actions of hand washing via songs to remind children on how to wash their hands.

We also emphasize the times when hands should be washed, for example before eating food, after using the toilet, and after playing at the playground.

We use mild liquid soap which is gentle on children’s skin and provide paper towels for single use drying or cleaning.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping Genesis Childcare 1989 clean and free from infectious diseases is even more crucial than ever.

We have given face shields and masks to our children and teachers. In addition, we have also given hand sanitizers to our children so that they can use it when water and soap are not easily available to them.

Besides cleaning, we also use mosquito repellent that is safe for children to keep mosquitoes at bay!

In conclusion, sending your child to Childcare might be one of the best decisions that you have made for your precious little one!

At Genesis Childcare 1989, not only do we provide a safe and healthy environment for your child, we have also helped many children achieve important growth milestones in their speech, motor and writing skills.

We have received many positive feedback from parents who have told us that their children are happy and are well taken care of at Genesis Childcare 1989.

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We love children and we have over 30 years of experience in caring for your precious little ones.

Would you like to find out more?

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Genesis Childcare 1989 (Tampines)

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Genesis Childcare 1989 (Taman Jurong)

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Nurture Infant House (Tampines)

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For parents living in the east of Singapore and are looking for a childcare in Tampines, Genesis Childcare Tampines has had 31 years of experience in caring for your little ones. It is definitely one of the leading Tampines childcare centres!

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