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Everything about Singapore's Resident Giant Family

Source: Mandai Wildlife Group

Are you looking forward to seeing Kai Kai and Jia Jia’s cub? Did you vote for the cub’s name from Hong Hong, Le Le, Xin Le, Xin Yang and Xin Yuan? Stay tuned.

In the blink of an eye, Kai Kai and Jia Jia’s cub is turning 100 days old, weighs a little over 6 kg, measures about 67 cm long, has a mouthful of baby teeth and in good health. He was born on 14 August 2021 which weighed an estimated 200 g.

Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. In April 2021, little cub came to life through artificial insemination after seven breeding seasons.

Visitors may be able to catch sneak peeks of the baby cub at the Giant Panda Forest exhibit over the coming weeks before he joins his mother Jia Jia in her public exhibit early next year.

The final name for the cub will be jointly revealed by Singapore and China in December 2021.

Since born, mum Jia Jia and cub are in the maternity ward to nurse and bond together. Panda cubs have various vocalizations to communicate whether they are hungry, unwell and more. The cub certainly lets mum Jia Jia know what he needs loudly! Jia Jia and the care team are getting to know what each sound means.

Source: Mandai Wildlife Group

Celebrating the 100 days milestone is a tradition in China, where the Giant Pandas originate from. It is an important milestone as it signifies the end of the most vulnerable period for both mother and baby cub.

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How much the cub has grown since born?

Day 01

Born on 14 August and weighed 200g.

Day 06

White Fur starts to appear on the cub’s pink skin.

Mum Jia Jia regularly hugs or cuddles the cub and keeps the cub clean with a thorough lick 'bath' which also serves the crucial function of stimulating the cub to pee and poop.

Source: Mandai Wildlife Group

Day 10

Black markings start to appear on the cub’s eyes and body. Start to yawn.

Source: Mandai Wildlife Group

Day 27

Fully grown with fur.

Day 30

Gender Boy revealed.

Day 33

Weighed 1.504 g.

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Day 40

Start to sneeze, make sounds and open eyes. Check out that blinking action!

Source: Mandai Wildlife Group

Take naps.

Play peekaboo, hide and seek with mum Jia Jia.

Source: Mandai Wildlife Group

Day 42


Source: Mandai Wildlife Group

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Day 52

Have six baby teeth.

Panda cubs normally start to have teeth around 3 months old, our cub is about a month early.

Source: Mandai Wildlife Group

Day 54

Get first measurements. 51.5 cm from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail, which is 7.5 cm long.

Day 55

Weight cross 3 kg mark.

Super mum Jia Jia keeps her cub well-fed; her cub has doubled his last weight of 1504 g.

Source: Mandai Wildlife Group

Day 85

Start to stretch and move around a little more independently.

Day 95

Show off crawl-walking skills.

Weigh a little over 6 kg, measure 67 cm long.

Have a mouthful of baby teeth.

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The care team at Mandai Wildlife Group are currently:

- preparing the cub for more health checks and his eventual public debut.

- conditioning the cub to spend longer periods away from his mother.

- introducing the cub to new environments will help him adapt to different surroundings.

- making the decision on when it is suitable for him to explore the public exhibit, where he will be exposed to new elements such as plants, rocks, slopes and visitors to River Wonders.

I hope you are looking forward to seeing Kai Kai, Jia Jia and cub. Stay tuned in December to hear the name of the cub revealed.

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