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How To Tell If Your Child Is Depressed

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Depression does not discriminate. It can take over people from all walks of life. Yes, even children. Now, the last thing you would want to do as a parent is to brush it off as their regular development of emotions (parental guilt is real y'all).

Are they just cranky over the fact that you did not let them have ice cream for breakfast? Or is it something more? Depression in children can be often overlooked. Whatever the case may be, it is always good to know more on topics which are related to your child’s well-being.

Children’s depression varies a little from adults in the way they express it. Possibly because the child is unable to cope with such immense feelings which are thrown at him. This typically translates into tantrums or sullen mood.

Signs of Depression

Loss of Energy

If you sense that your child has a significant loss in energy throughout the day, it may mean more than just your child facing the “Monday blues”. Keep a lookout for a consistent loss of energy or fluctuating levels of energy.


Do not overlook crankiness for your child’s regular tantrum. See if there is anything in particular which triggers your child’s crankiness. If you notice any concerning changes in your child’s cranky mood, depression may be a reason. Here are 10 simple phrases to calm your angry child.

Changes in Appetite

An increased appetite can also suggest depression. Your child may be filling the void he feels with food. Likewise, decreased appetite may also be a reason. Your child may not be in the mood to eat. A child who typically enjoys his food may not want it as much now.

Changes in Sleep (Sleeplessness /Excessive Sleep)

Similar to changes in appetites, changes in sleep can also suggest depression. Your child may be too occupied in the mind to fall asleep or simply feels off and uncomfortable. Your child may also sleep more as compared to usual. Here are some tips to get your child to sleep.

Physical Complaints

Physical complaints may not seem like much but it may be a sign of depression if treatment does not help with the complaints. Some examples of such physical complaints can be stomachaches and headaches.

If any of the above signs seem familiar to you, please seek a specialist's help to help your child. The signs of depression discussed above are definitely not exhaustive. You know your child best. Hence, if you deem that something feels off, just reach out for help on behalf of your child.

For those who are not experiencing any of the above, the below portion would be of relevance to you. Now that you know the signs, knowing how to prevent it would be great wouldn’t it? As they usually say, “prevention is better than cure”.

Preventing Depression in Children

Daily Exercise

Exercise does not mean that your child has to participate in full blown circuits and so on. The levels of physical activity in children varies based on age. Bring your child to have some rough play outside with nature. Allow your child to play with other children if possible.

Proper Meals

When putting out meals for your children, ensure they are well rounded and all the necessary nutrients and minerals are present. For a guide, you may refer to the My Healthy Plate which essentially says that half of the plate should consist of fruits and vegetables, a quarter of the plate to be grains and the remaining to be filled with protein.

Conducive Environment

Conducive environment which is supportive of your child’s development is essential. Your child needs to be in a place where he is loved and appreciated. Be it home or schools, children need to be around people who are.

In our Tampines childcare, we are aptly equipped with the right toys and utilities to help develop the best potential in your child for the upcoming future. More importantly, we use age-appropriate toys and we plan out fun and interesting activities for them!

Proper Sleep

Proper sleep is needed for a child’s healthy functioning. Depending on your child’s age the minimum hours of sleep required will differ. Having proper sleep improves the child’s mental well-being.

I believe whatever has been discussed above will be of help to you. Please feel free to share your experience handling children with depression or any unique means you have followed as part of prevention. It would most definitely help other parents.

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