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How to be a Role Model for Your Child

Parents desire their children to excel in everything. You may wonder what’s the best way to motivate your child. For a start, you could be an inspiration for your child by becoming a role model yourself. Indeed, children learn most from their parents, and if you are a role model for your child, it may help in shaping your child’s future positively.

Who Is a Role Model?

Simply put, role models are people who are an inspiration to us, or who we want to be like. Parents tend to spend a lot of time with their children, so they can make an impression on the young minds by being ideal role models for them.

Why is It Important for a Parent to be a Good Role Model for Their Child?

Nurturing a child is not the only responsibility that parents need to carry out, raising a child brings in many responsibilities and duties. You should be a good role model for your child because your child spends most of his time with you and thus is influenced a great deal from you, from your attitude towards academics, sports and other spheres of life, to your relationships.

Hence, a parent as a role model greatly shapes a child’s future.

How to Be an Effective Role Model for Your Child?

1. Be Open about Your Life It is important for your child to know who you really are. Every human being makes mistakes or fails. If you have messed up, speak to your child about them and help him learn from your experiences. Your attitude towards drawbacks or failures helps build strong character in your child.

2. Begin Early

Young children are very impressionable, and they dwell on their feelings even if they can’t communicate them. It is better to teach virtues at the beginning, taking baby steps, instead of taking huge steps later on.

3. Be Positive One of the best things you can demonstrate towards your child is positivity. Your child observes you; if you are positive during testing or tough times, your child is going to do the same.

However, being positive does not mean causing your child to be delusional or be unrealistic, it means to treat every difficulty as a challenge and handle it.

4. Be Encouraging

Every child is unique and has different qualities. We have to value our children’s qualities and keep encouraging them for what they do. Do not be a nag or expect them to achieve something that is beyond their abilities. Never have negative parenting traits; keep being an encouragement for your child. Keep a safe space for your child’s growth.

5. Don’t Go Overboard with Your Attempt

Although parents have good intentions, sometimes they can go overboard with their attempts to be good role models for their children. Parents may praise, pamper, or be so affectionate that a child may feel uncomfortable. Refrain from being insincere in front of your child because eventually, your child can tell how genuine you are. Keep it real and simple.

6. Set Goals

Helping your child set goals, implement and achieve them are some of the important aspects of bringing up children. These three aspects apply in all spheres of his life to achieve results. Encourage your child to come forth with his aspirations, dreams and goals, and work together with your child to achieve them.

7. Be the Best Version of Yourself

Whatever you say or do may affect your child. Strive to be the best version of yourself because your child is looking up to you for inspiration. Your words and actions should be well deliberated in the way you treat your children.

If you haven’t considered becoming a role model for your child, start now. Make a genuine attempt for raising a confident and responsible child.

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