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Top 3 Habits of Highly Playful Parents and Happy Kids

Research shows that children whose parents often engage in physical and pretend play, have strong bonds with their parents and are more socially competent with their peers. Create a life that you love and that is memorable for your kids. Here are 3 easy ways to infuse play into your everyday life with kids.

1. Introduce Play into Your Routines

Your children do not want to go to the potty, wash their hands, put on their shoes, go outside, leave the playdate, and so on. Indeed, transitions from one activity to the next are difficult for children, similar with everyday tasks.

They are too busy playing to stop and do what is necessary or carry on with the next thing.

A parent’s typical response may be to talk about consequences, for example, saying “If you don’t brush your teeth you will get cavities!”, or engaging in a power struggle.

The playful way is to just keep playing.

You could play a game ‘chasing’ the cavity germs around the mouth when you child brushes his teeth. Sing or play a song to enliven transitions, making them fun. Or, you could use a toy, making it “talk” to ask your child to put on his/her pajamas. You could also try using a story to encourage cooperation or a game to set limits.

Instead of forcing conversation at the dinner table, take turns reading from a joke book for kids, listen to a funny podcast, or play table topics.

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2. Make Family Traditions out of Everyday Situations

Did you know, being a playful parent means appreciating the moment? That is, getting on your child’s level and living in that very moment.

This sense of presence is a gift from our children. You don’t have to do anything special, just recognise what is already happening, name it and repeat it.

For example, your kids are running around after dinner acting like total goofballs. You join in (leaving the dishes for a moment) and say “It’s the Tuesday Goof-Off.” Or, one afternoon your child chooses and takes out a game they want to play while wearing their super-hero cape. You say “It’s Super-Hero Game Day!”

Join in, name it, repeat it and behold­- a new fun family tradition is born.

3. Share the Beauty of the World with Your Kids (Be Spontaneous and Seize the Day)

To raise a child who can appreciate the beauty in nature and the world around them is an amazing gift to him/her.

You could stay up late on a swing with your child in the backyard and gaze at the stars, wake up early and catch the sunrise at the beach or over a lake, have a picnic at a park for lunch, surprise the kids and take them to look at Christmas lights before bedtime, or let him go camping with friends from his class for one night at a place just 20 minutes away.

Anything that shows your kids the beauty of this world. Be spontaneous and live this life to its fullest!

In conclusion, do understand that play is love. For a child, he doesn’t say to us that he had a hard day or that he feels lonely. He says, “Play with me, Mama.” Above all, although there are merits for independent play, a child feels love if he is played with. Therefore, do spend some time to play with and reconnect with your children. May you enjoy happy and fun days of parent-child time.

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