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How Motherhood Actually Improved My Career

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When one becomes a full-time working mother, the daily struggles can feel unconquerable.

You have deadlines to rush, you worry that you’re not spending enough time with your little one, you have to take some time off work to express milk and on top of that, you have to live up to the unrealistic work-life expectations.

The little voices in your head constantly tell you that “this is impossible, I can’t do this.” And then you just push on, and you sort of just accomplish the impossible.

For many women, becoming a mom is equivalent to a career crossroad. Sacrifices have to be made in one way or another.

Here’s 3 ways motherhood can be actually more beneficial to your career.

Boosting Productivity

Well, being a working mom means that 24 hours in a day never feel enough. You have a long list of tasks to complete at home, tasks assigned at your workplace, emails to respond to and other commitments to handle. As such, your ability to cram more work into the same 24 hours will sharpen. You feel more focused and determined to get things done.

This is when the whole idea of essentialism comes in. It revolves around eliminating obstacles, distractions, unnecessary errands, etc. that is unimportant and unnecessary. With that, you can focus on doing what brings the highest possible contribution towards your goal.

For instance, you spend less time chit-chatting with your co-workers during your working hours. Instead, you use the time to fully focus on completing your task.

Of course, every trade-off comes with an opportunity cost. Your social life may suffer (DUH!). However, you have to remember that sometimes you need to sacrifice something that matters to you… to offer something that matters more to someone else (your little ones!).

Becoming A More Patient Person

Being a mom… means that your kids desperately need you to be more patient. The things they do on a daily basis test and bend the limits of your endurance. Sometimes, they refuse to put away their toys, other times they throw a bad tantrum.

This translates into your work life as your tolerance for things may grow. You may have more patience when dealing with gossip and drama at work.

You no longer stress over things that are out of your control. Instead, you can remain calm when waiting something out or enduring something tedious.

Being More Committed

Motherhood makes you more dedicated and inspired to do well at work due to your family commitment. You want to do well at work so you are able to provide for your little one.

Whether you are working because it is a financial necessity for your family or whether it is because you work because I love your job, you will feel more empowered to be committed to your career and company.

Well, it is not easy being a working mom. My advice to all full-time working moms is to know your limits. Know when to take a break and learn how to make time for yourself. Click here to read the guide for all working moms!

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