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13 Questions to Ask During a Childcare Parent-Teacher Meeting

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Parent-teacher meetings (PTMs) are a great opportunity to talk with the teacher (or teachers) one-on-one and discuss how your child is adjusting. PTMs are an important component of the holistic education at Genesis Childcare 1989 and Nurture Infant House Tampines.

Be calm and rational whilst communicating with your child's childcare teachers. You want to develop a good relationship with the teacher, to partner with her to best help your child. And if there are problem areas, you can start to work on them at home, too.

To help you prepare for your childcare parent-teacher meeting, here are our top questions to have on your list. For more tips, be sure to check out this article too.

The Basics

Start with some overview questions to get the conversation started.

1. Is My Child Adjusting Well to Childcare?

This is the key question for you. Is your child happy during the day, is center a good fit, is the teacher a good match? You want to get a sense of how your child is adjusting right from the start.

At our Tampines Childcare and Infant Care Tampines, we know that it takes time for children to adjust to a new environment. It is perfectly acceptable for children to cry when they are placed in a new environment. The time needed for adjustment varies with each child. Our teachers are trained to patiently encourage children during this adjustment period.

2. What Does My Child Like Best at Childcare?

Ask the teacher to provide examples of things your child enjoys at school. It's a good indication of how aware they are of your child's specific needs. And there may be activities that you can replicate at home.

Behavioural Issues

Ask questions about how your child is behaving in class.

3. How Does My Child Interact With You and Other Children?

For many young children, childcare is the first time your child is interacting regularly with other children and new authority figures. Ask the teacher how your child is responding to this change.

4. Does My Child Follow Instructions?

How is your child handling basic directions at childcare, like cleaning up or sharing? The teacher can provide examples of routine activities and how your child is adjusting to learning the rules.

5. What Happens When My Child Gets Upset?

Inevitably, tantrums happen. Ask the teacher how she approaches calming your child and whether your child is responsive.

6. How Do You Discipline?

Likewise, find out how your childcare centre teacher and principal manage bad behaviour. Everyone handles discipline a little differently. Be sure that your teacher’s approach is in sync with your own. For more information on various parenting styles, be sure to check out this article.

At our Tampines Kindergarten, we will sometimes enforce discipline techniques such as planned ignoring, material removal (removal of privileges) and removal of a child from a situation (time out) to divert attention.

Social Issues

7. Is My Child Getting Along With Others? Who are My Child's Friends?

Find out how your child is relating to his/her peers. Probe a little further to hear about whether your child is more comfortable in groups or with one-on-one friendships. Learning about how your child socialises at school can help you reinforce friendships outside the classroom. For more tips on supporting your child's interaction with other children, do check out this article as well.

8. How Is My Child Doing at Activities, Playtime or Nap time?

Is your child active at playtime or restless during nap time? Is he or she participating in activities, class or group time? Ask the teacher if there are any issues you need to be aware of and can work on at home.

As a popular Tampines Playgroup, our teachers do suggest interesting play activities that can be done at home to reinforce learning from school.

Academics and Activities

9. Does My Child Ask Questions?

This is an easy way to hear more about your child’s interests and what he/she is curious about.

10. Does My Child Understand Your Expectations and Finish Tasks?

Ask the teacher whether your child is completing projects. Childcare is when children first learn roles and responsibilities at school. Find out if your child is meeting basic expectations.

At our Preschool Tampines, detailed development records of children are maintained to allow teachers to set goals, devise strategies to achieve goals, keep track of the child's progress and plan appropriate experiences for further learning and development.

11. What Is My Child’s Learning Style?

Your child may begin to develop a learning style during childcare. Does your child take better to oral or visual information? Find out what works best so that you can reinforce positive learning outside the classroom. Probe a little further to understand your child's attitude towards learning. To help find/create a conducive learning environment for your child, be sure to check out this article.

As the saying goes, “it is your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude". A right attitude towards learning will help your child overcome frustrations and develop patience, an important character trait.

12. What Are My Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses?

There may be areas where your child needs improvement. Asking about what’s going well and requires support can help you focus on what your child needs to better adjust to their environment. You’ll also want to hear about areas where your child excels, so that you can reinforce his/her interests.

Follow-Up Items

Talk about what comes next.

13. Is There Anything I Can Do at Home to Help?

The teacher may have recommendations for how you can help your child build skills in certain activities.

After the meeting, sit down with your child and talk about how things went. Identify areas for improvement and offer guidance on how your child can overcome any obstacles. You can then track progress throughout the year, mark improvements, and celebrate successes. Check out this article for more tips too.

Genesis Childcare 1989 / Nurture Infant House Tampines

Regular, two-way communication is crucial to remain well-informed about what is happening at school and to let teachers understand your child at a deeper level.

At our Tampines childcare, we encourage parents to share their expertise with us! Scheduled meetings between parents and teachers are held at least twice a year to provide opportunities for both you and the teacher to discuss about your child's progress and development. Hence, be sure to attend the meeting!

We will be happy to clarify any questions you have on your child's development.

Click here to learn more about Genesis Childcare/Nurture Infant House Tampines or click here to WhatsApp us for clarification of enquiries.

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