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Should I Enrol My Child In An Infant Care Centre?

An increasing number of Singaporean parents are becoming more willing to place their child at infant care centres.

Today reports that there has been a growth of 60% in infant care enrolment in the last 5 years.

There are many reasons contributing to this increase in demand, one of which being infant care centres becoming progressively professional, qualified and trustworthy.

That being said, parents are also gradually discovering the benefits of placing their child at infant care centres.

Every parent would want the best for their child. Likewise, you would also be keen to enrol your child in childcare centres that can benefit him/her.

Here are some reasons why you should place your child in infant care centres:

Motor and linguistic skills

Quality childcare centres would have a curriculum that would provide babies with plenty of opportunities to develop their gross motor skills. This can be done by engaging them in age-appropriate activities.

Genesis Childcare 1989 teachers and educarers are also trained to engage children in linguistic activities through the use of songs, stories and flashcards. Exposing them to these activities allows them to grow familiar with words as they gradually develop the ability to speak. This is especially crucial since children are primed for speech and language acquisition.

At Genesis Childcare 1989, our well-padded equipment allows children to master their gross motor skills like tumble and roll. The safe equipment prevents them from getting hurt, letting them develop their muscles as they slowly learn to crawl, walk and climb.

Best option for working parents

Taking good care of little children is never an easy task. Caregivers are under a lot of stress and have to balance other multiple roles such as housework.

Previously, it was common for working parents in Singapore to have grandparents assume the caregiver role plus the help of a maid.

However, this arrangement might not be the best. In this Straits Times article, a maid was so angry at being scolded that she scratched her employer’s twin babies, causing one to bleed. The grandmother was in the house at the same time.

Consider this: Does the caregiver at home have the time, energy and the skills to take care, train and teach the baby in his physical, social-emotional, language and communication and cognitive development?

It looks a huge task for one or even two people!

Children immersed in a social environment

Our centre’s learning space facilitates self-directed learning, group interaction and play. The indoor and outdoor learning spaces provide platforms, materials and equipment to foster autonomy, on-task behaviours and independence in children. It also encourages children to interact and play with one another.

The activity spaces are intentionally set up to allow children to carry out specific activities independently.

It is good for children to make friends at a young age.

With a warm, peaceful and communicative environment at Genesis Childcare 1989, your child would be far from lonely. The learning activities and playtime that the children get to have with their peers and educarers will eventually help them grow to become more sociable and less shy over time!

Subsidies available for childcare fees

It is undeniable that the cost of childcare fees can be a deal breaker for some families, as having to fork out such a large sum of money every month can be burdensome.

However, do note that there are significant subsidies available for Singapore citizens, making infant care a more reasonable option for you.

Subsidy at Genesis Childcare 1989:

We offer subsidies as well, though the amount would differ for working and non-working mothers.

For our full-day programme, a $300 basic subsidy is granted to working mothers, while non-working mothers are granted $150.

Click here to read a more in depth article about the subsidies available!

To sum up, numerous benefits could be reaped from placing your child with us!

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up with us now!

Genesis Childcare 1989 (Tampines)

Blk 433, Tampines Street 43, #01-63 (S) 520433

Tel: +65 9666 4141

Genesis Childcare 1989 (Taman Jurong)

Blk 153, Yung Ho Road, #01-41 (S) 610153

Tel: +65 9666 4141

Nurture Infant House (Tampines)

(2 to 18 months Infants)

Blk 433, Tampines Street 43, #01-61 (S) 520433

Tel: +65 9666 4141



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