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Checklist: 7 Things to Do Before Your Newborn Arrives

From our Tampines Infant & Childcare, It's an exciting and joyful moment to bring your newborn home from the hospital — but it can also be nerve-racking.

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From buying baby's essentials to talking to experienced moms, here's everything you need to remember and keep track of when the baby arrives at home.

Keep reading on to ensure that you're 100% prepared!


1. Get the essentials ready

Be prepared with baby's essentials like diapers, wipes, burp clothes and bibs.

Of course, you can also request your loved ones to pick up these essentials for you. However, it's always better to pack your hospital bags at least a month before your due date.

Plus, be sure that the products are safe for your newborn and avoid ones with harmful chemicals.

2. Get the camera ready

Seemingly made for kiasu parents who want to capture your newborn's special moments, get a camera to keep a record of everything your newborn does — especially their major milestones!

The images captured will serve as an everlasting memory that you'll want to show him/her when he/she is older!

3. Get a baby monitor in your baby's room ready

Set up and position the baby monitor in the room. A baby monitor is an added source of peace of mind and reassurance so you can act promptly if something crops out.

4. Pay attention to your firstborn

Among the sleepless nights, feeding cycles, night shifts, diaper change, and a crying newborn, parents might neglect their firstborn without realising it.

Ensure you involve your firstborn in your newborn’s life and balance out the attention you give them.

Wondering how to involve your firstborn in your newborn’s life? Click here for more details.

5. Make sure your home is baby-proof

This helps to keep your newborn safe especially when he starts crawling etc.

6. Talk to experienced moms

This helps you understand what you need to be prepared for and know you are not alone.

7. Do not neglect yourself

Do not be afraid to seek help from a professional to ensure a healthy mental state.

Talk to your spouse or a trusted loved one.

Hopefully these steps will help you to get ready before bringing your newborn home!

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