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6 Genius Hacks That'll Make Fussy Eaters Try New Foods

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Worried about your child's picky eating?

You grasped the different signs of fussy eating and found out ways to encourage a fussy eater here. Today, we'll be showing you some of the best hacks for fussy eaters to help you on your journey with your little one!

While you're at it, here are some healthy and tasty recipes for children!

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1. Veggie fries?!

There's no doubt that french fries are kids' favourite — but they're usually deep-fried in hydrogenated oil and are heavily salted. Instead of serving them fries, why not prepare some eggplant fries or baked carrot fries?

2. Make fruit lollies

Simply blend together the banana, strawberries, blueberries and yoghurt. Then, pour the mixture into a bread tin and put lollipop sticks in, evenly spaced apart. Freeze overnight — and there you have it! Click here for the full recipe.

3. Put a face on it

Make mealtime fun by arranging together a plate that looks back at your kids — how cool! Best of all, you can involve your child by letting them assemble their own meal!

4. Stick with small portions

Less is more with fussy eaters! Let them try new foods in small portions so they don't feel overwhelmed.

5. Tempt them with shapes

Equip your kitchen with silicone moulds so you can provide your kids with creatively made pieces of food!

6. Pull out cool utensils!

If mealtimes are still moving at a snail's pace, consider getting them fun utensils to get food into their mouth! Kids will definitely gobble up the food in no time. Personally, I enjoy giving my kids utensils shaped in the form of carrots!

Healthy And Balanced Meals For Your Child, Always — Genesis Childcare 1989

Well, it's normal for children to be fussy eaters — and you need to remember that every child is unique! However, we need to let them try new foods and to keep food from starting a battle. Also, be sure to plan a healthy, well-balanced meal for them to ensure that they get all the nutrients their body needs.

Patience will go a long way. You got this, mom and dad!

Food nourishes the body and provides energy for our kids to growth and develop. However, learning what to eat (plus when and how much) is an aspect that shouldn't be missed.

At Genesis Childcare 1989, we plan a healthy, well-balanced meal for young children by using My Healthy Plate — a visual tool designed by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) specifically for Singapore.

By following My Healthy Plate, we can prepare meals using the right proportions of each food group in a well-balanced meal.

Make the right choices for your little ones to ensure they stay well-nourished — and enrol them in our Tampines childcare today!

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At Nurture Infant House, our well-trained and professional teachers have professional experience in caring for your little ones. They notices baby's body language and respond to it promptly, making your baby feel safe and secure. Parents too, can feel at ease when your baby is under our care.

Our parent said, "Thank you very much for your time and effort to take care of our Eijaz Hasbi as well as other babies. Managing young babies can be very tough no doubt but we salute and appreciate your patience for extending tender loving care to all the cuties."

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